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November 20, 2014

State needs to keep focus on transportation

by Editorial Board
The Oregon Legislature may be losing a key transportation advocate, but that doesn’t alter the need for this state to improve its roads, highways, bridges and other means of moving people and…
November 13, 2014

Honoring our World War II veterans

by Editorial Board
They did not consider themselves heroes. When Japanese forces attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, young men quickly flocked to join the military, volunteering to do their…
November 06, 2014

Going beyond a day of honor and recognition

by Cameron Smith
November 11th is one day out of the year that we pause collectively as a nation to celebrate the service and sacrifice of our military, veterans and their families. I am proud that we mark the…
November 06, 2014

Could your city improve its urban forest?

by Brian Wegener
Trees in cities produce a whole menu of benefits: beautification, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, fruits and nuts, improved water quality. City trees are especially important for creeks…
October 30, 2014

Job-hogs might be charming, but they still have all the jobs

by Mikel Kelly
There are not enough jobs out there to go around. We all know that, right? So, how is it that some of the very best-paying and most glorious gigs around are hogged by the same handful of people?…
October 30, 2014

New TriMet, union contract a fair deal

by Editorial board
With all the chatter recently about the Nov. 4 statewide election, Portland-area residents may not have noticed a quieter vote taking place last week that will have a positive long-term impact…
October 29, 2014

Support schools today to create tomorrow's leaders

by Denny Doyle
Our teachers give a great deal of themselves, working tirelessly each day to provide our students with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Many of the best jobs — those in fields…
October 23, 2014

Measure 86 makes education a priority

by Editorial Board
Measure 86, which was referred to this November’s statewide ballot by the 2013 Oregon Legislature, opens up the opportunity for Oregon to provide greater support for students who want to get a…
October 23, 2014

Mileage tax would be better than vehicle registration fee

by Russ Dondero
I’m voting “no” on Washington County’s Ballot Measure 34-221, the $30 vehicle registration fee for road maintenance and operations. I’m not opposed to improving county roads, but what I do…
October 23, 2014

Save our community roads by approving Measure 34-221

by Pamela Treece
Roads and city infrastructure are an investment like any other — they must be maintained in order to retain value. It would be foolish to purchase a home and never clear the gutters. The same…

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Oct 23, 2014


by Jaime Migdalene
Light the Night walk helps people with blood cancers find a path to recovery Most people have no idea how powerful their presence is. For the thousands of people whose lives are impacted by…
Oct 17, 2014

Measure 88 makes the roads safer for all

by Ron Louie
In November, Oregonians have an opportunity to make our roads safer. We can improve our communities. We can improve our economy. And we can do it by voting “yes” on Measure 88. This measure is…
Oct 17, 2014

Letters to the editor from our readers

by Christina Lent
Renovated public safety center is a solid investment As a long-time Beaverton volunteer and former staffer at the Domestic Violence Resource Center, I am very familiar with the police and court…
Oct 17, 2014

Governor's race offers poor choices

by Editorial board
Many Oregon voters, we suspect, are uninspired by their options in the gubernatorial race. We know we are. Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat running for an unprecedented fourth term, has not…
Oct 15, 2014

A few random conclusions reached while waiting in traffic

by Mikel Kelly
I didn’t know if I was ever going to get to work last Friday. In fact, I was pretty sure I was going to die of old age in a couple of different places along the way. My eight-mile commute…
Oct 15, 2014

It's time for Beaverton to invest in public safety

by Denny Doyle
When I became mayor in 2009, I knew we were privileged to live in a great city. However, I also knew we had many challenges that needed to be addressed that had sat idle for years with no…
Oct 15, 2014

Preserve our investment by maintaining our roads

by Washington County Board of Commissioners
Our transportation infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy. Our roads are an investment not only in our local economy but an investment in our way of life. All of us depend on these roads…
Oct 09, 2014

Workplace policies must change with economic realities

by Suzanne Bonamici
I remember working at my mother’s small retail store as a teenager, helping her assist customers, stock shelves and change window displays. The store kept my mother busy, and she worked…
Oct 09, 2014

Letters to the editor from readers

by Beaverton Valley Times
Community input helped shape Public Safety Center plan As a member of Beaverton’s Committee for Community Involvement I have watched the Public Safety Center process unfold. I have been…
Oct 08, 2014

Voters should support creation of a true public safety center

by Editorial Board
It’s been nearly 30 years since the Beaverton Police Department moved into a temporary location on Griffith Drive. In those three decades, the department has nearly tripled in size, as Beaverton…

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