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Seniors regain confidence when they feel secure

Brought to you by Margaret Norman, Beaverton Lodge Retirement Residence - Retirement Living Insider -

ABEAVERTON LODGE - Margaret Normans people get older and become more vulnerable through physical aging, slower cognitive skills and limited mobility, they may begin to experience fear or anxiety.

Loved ones should recognize that such fears are a normal response to change, even in someone who once had a confident stride and attitude. Fears – even those that may seem baseless – should be recognized and their concerns should be addressed.

Studies show that 30 to 50 percent of elderly people fear falling and being injured. Others may be frightened to cook, concerned they may start a fire. Not being able to drive, which can be caused by vision problems or slower reflexes, fuels a senior’s biggest fear -- loss of independence.

A small degree of fear can be healthy, inspiring an aging adult to get a cane or walker. A high degree of fear may result in a senior sitting too much and losing muscle tone, which actually increases the likelihood of falling.

Some seniors may have concerns about moving to a retirement or assisted living community. Such concerns are often based in unfamiliarity with the services such a community may offer, the facility itself, opportunities to be active and social, medication assistance and safety measures.

Our retirement community, Beaverton Lodge, inspires confidence in our residents and helps them live healthier, happier lives.

Beaverton Lodge is a locally owned, welcoming community on a beautiful, walkable campus.

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