This voter will not support a school bond in May

As a Beaverton resident and voter, I feel betrayed and lied to by the Beaverton School District Community Involvement Committee.

I have lived in Beaverton for close to 14 years. In this time, my property taxes have gone up an astronomical 125 percent.

No amount of research could have predicted this. This is an unfair amount — pure and simple. This has mostly occurred via bonds, bills and measures that have past for schools, libraries, the list is endless.

Recently, a poll conducted within the school district asked voters if they would approve yet another bond for the Beaverton School District if it has no impact on homeowner property taxes. The poll showed the bond would pass.

Now we come to find that oops an error has been made by the above committee, and the reality is that your property taxes actually will go up just a mere 7 cents per assessed value on your home. Greg Malinowski from the committee states this is an extremely modest increase for home owners.

The point is there was going to be no increase this time around, modest or large it makes no difference, as voters we were lied to, plain and simple. This is voter and voter poll manipulation plain and simple, the equal to campaign promises that never turn into reality.

Every year I put off much-needed home repairs because the money I save ends up going to my mortgage company because of every bond that keeps passing, and this latest smoke-and-mirrors routine is politics at its finest.

Do I like voting against education? No. Do I like working multiple jobs at my age to pay for my increasing house payment? No. Do I like a roof over my head? Yes, that is why I am voting “no” come May on yet another school bond.

James Maass


Thank you, to the person who turned in my keys

I would like to thank the kind person who found my keys Friday night, Dec. 13, and took them to the Beaverton Library. You saved me! My husband was out of town, and I was locked out.

Joanne Wakeland


Sheriff’s right: Preschool does fight crime

On behalf of the local business community, I’d like to echo Multnomah County Sheriff Daniel Staton’s call for high-quality preschool programs in Oregon (Quality preschool will reduce future crime rates, Dec. 12).

Quality preschool programs are essential for starting our kids out on the right path in life and for long-term, sustained economic growth. Not only will preschool wind up saving taxpayer dollars in reduced crime and incarceration costs, as Sheriff Staton mentioned — $77 million per year, with a profit of $15,000 for every child served — but it also will benefit our economy with a better-prepared future work force.

Currently, 32 percent of Oregon high school freshmen do not graduate on time. Of those who do graduate, only 29 percent met college readiness benchmarks on the ACT admissions test for all core areas tested: English, math, reading and science. Students are spending their K-12 years trying to catch up, and they are graduating high school without the skills necessary for college or career.

Research shows high-quality preschool can change these statistics. Children from high-quality programs have shown increases as high as 44 percent in graduation rates.

And the benefits continue. According to the business leaders group America’s Edge, children who attend quality preschool are four times more likely to earn a four-year degree by age 30 and earn 36 percent more as adults.

We have a unique opportunity to expand Oregon’s preschool programs with the Strong Start for America’s Children Act. This bipartisan legislation can be a turning point for our children, our state and our economy, and I urge our state congressional delegation to help make it a reality.

Candee Clark Jones


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