Use discretionary funds to fix library sound system

I was pleased to attend U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden’s Town Hall meeting at the Beaverton City Library on Monday, Jan. 20. The quality and civility of the attendees’ questions was admirable. Makes one proud to be a Beaverton resident.

The sound system at the venue, however, was something from “The Flintstones” cartoon. Screeching, popping, buzzing and echoing, the archaic public address system was ludicrous. This has existed for at least two years. It was an embarrassment.

I chided Mayor Denny Doyle about this, and he replied that the city was working on a budget proposal to cover this. Baloney. Mayor Doyle has discretionary funds to cover this malfunction. It should be remedied immediately. It was a shame that this ongoing malfunction of communication equipment was allowed to detract from an otherwise outstanding public forum.

Russ Draper

Hyland Hills

Voters should re-elect Andy Duyck

Since voters modified property tax laws in the 1990s, one of the biggest struggles for state government has been providing local school districts with the necessary funds to offer our children a world class education.

The best way to pay for education and other essential services is by adding high paying jobs to our economy. The Washington County Commission, under the leadership of Chairman Andy Duyck, has done just that.

By using one of the economic development tools in its toolbox given to them by the state of Oregon, the county commission has used the Strategic Investment Program to encourage companies like Intel and Genentech to make large expansions of infrastructure and jobs. These agreements translate into expansion investment of up to $25 billion from Intel and $250 million from Genentech over 15 years, bringing 1,750 jobs to Washington County and Oregon’s economy. Those jobs help provide the funding for our schools that we so desperately need.

The growth of these large businesses also helps small businesses like mine grow as we supply them with services and products. A recent study showed that for every 10 Intel jobs, 31 more are created in our community.

I strongly support Andy Duyck’s re-election. Four more years of his leadership will mean continued economic growth and family wage jobs that provide sorely needed tax revenue for Oregon schools.

Les Davis

Lithtex Printing Solutions owner


Thank you for supporting the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Washington County is a rapidly growing and successful county. Washington County is now one of Oregon’s principal economic engines and population centers. The county’s success rests in no small part upon its strong outdoor equipment and apparel manufacturing and design “cluster,” and its proximity to outdoor amenities.

My employees greatly appreciate the public forests and parks, wilderness areas and other public lands found in this county and all over Oregon. They value their access to those outdoor amenities; and I see them as an important recruitment and retention tool for the work talent our company needs. I also believe those outdoor amenities help support Washington County’s local jobs and economy, and thus are critical for this state’s future economic growth.

I want to thank Senator Wyden for supporting full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. LWCF uses no taxpayer money and helps pay for conservation activities and land purchases all over Oregon, including here in Washington County. Locally, LWCF funding has been used to: develop recreation facilities at Henry Hagg Lake and Stub Stewart State Park, acquire key parts of the Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Cook Park in Tigard, among many other conservation projects and lands in Washington County.

These LWCF projects and other outdoor amenities we have in Oregon provide this state and this county’s businesses with competitive advantages we need to succeed.

Susan Otcenas

President of

Cycling & Triathlon Apparel for Women


Contract Publishing

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