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Letters to the editor

The election of Donald Trump as president continues to vex area residents.

High Court filibuster would be wrong move

Oregon's U.S. senators should not push to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. Democrats (and Republicans) are right to be outraged at Senate Republicans' refusal to fill Justice Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court and the consequent disregard for the welfare of our nation's political institutions. But a Democratic filibuster at this time would be counterproductive and likely ensure that Republicans will remove the filibuster option from future Supreme Court nominations the way Democrats banned the practice for lower court nominations in 2013. This back-and-forth political game is hurting the American people and institutions.

It is time to recognize the realities and limitations of our current political situation, be reasonable, and work with other reasonable politicians across the aisle. The filibuster proposed by Sen. Jeff Merkley will not prevent the Republicans from filling Justice Scalia's seat on the bench, but it may ensure that a more radical nominee will obtain a lifetime role on the Supreme Court. The option is not between President Obama's nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, and Judge Gorsuch, but instead between Judge Gorsuch's appropriate temperament and legal acuity for the court and potentially a far worse option.

Megan Needham


What nation needs isn't in White House now

What does America really need? Many things for sure, but what we do not need is a billionaire boychild who treats the United States as his personal toybox, rearranging the people of the nation to suit himself, tossing them away when he tires of them. Nor do we need a bloated wannabe emperor, puffed and proud on his throne, waving his pen like a scepter. He issues proclamations whilst loyal courtiers stand behind him, clapping and smiling in approval, in the all-seeing eye of the television camera.

What we do need is a real person, a man who loves his country, who goes to work every day to see how he can do what's best for the people who elected him. This workman would not assume what he doesn't know, but would surround himself with the men and women who have the knowledge and experience he needs to support and guide him in his work. And where can we find such a person? Certainly no such one inhabits the White House today!

Anna Petrov


Racism is at heart of Donald Trump's win

As I have always believed, a Trump's presidency would enact self-serving, war mongering and egregious policies fit for sustaining aristocratic White Supremacy.

Trump's character and his immigration policies are a disgrace to the presidential office and the safety of our country.

However, I am vindicated knowing that most American people did not elect this wealthy, narcissistic person as president of the free world. Rather, the antiquated electoral college system selected an unstable individual to guide the policies and practices of our already great country.

Hillary Clinton's loss, unfortunately, was the price we paid for electing overwhelmingly a two-term black man to lead this white-dominated country.

This country prospered from the generational work of slaves.

A country whose political leaders benefited from previous deceit, unjust laws and institutionalized inequitable policies, and practices — all of which contributed to making this bigoted billionaire who benefited from his dad's wealth and greed — the recipient of the highest office in the land.

This outcome was simply a racist historical vitriolic response to the first black president of the predominantly white USA and the rejection of female leadership.

I anticipate that his apocalyptic policies will indeed erupt our way of living like mountainous volcanoes.

Glendora Claybrooks