In this ever-changing newspaper world, having a social media presence is vital.

It’s important to stay in touch with your audience to provide the freshest updates, scores, opinions, and facts in addition to supplying the sports community with a rock-solid sports section.

With that, it’s official.

After a year or so of resistance, I’ve finally joined Twitter. #truth. Follow me @BeavertonSports

In a week’s span I’ve gone from the youngest Twitter combatant around to a full-out proponent who’s dropping hashtags, predictions, outlooks and links like there’s no tomorrow. Some of the stuff I can’t voice in print, but want to, is suddenly free game in this new social medium realm.

That being said, you won’t find me saying anything outlandish, mean-spirited or malicious. My initiative is only to promote what I feel is a quality product in the Beaverton Valley-Times sports page, offer updated scores and results (particularly in the fall when the school year kicks off), while mixing in a couple of my own point of views on the Beaverton sports’ circle.

Damaging reputations, particularly those of high school athletes, is far from my motive.

So, again, if you’re on Twitter please follow me @BeavertonSports #youwon’tbesorry

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