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3 eye-opening reasons why you need to stretch

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CLUB FIT - FROM LEFT: Ron and Barb RainesNo matter if you're a gym rat or a desk workout warrior, you need to be stretching. It's easy to forget about stretching because, unlike lifting weights, the results are not as clearly visible. However, stretching has a number of benefits that make it crucial to your overall well-being.

Improved Posture—Repetitive sitting (such as at work or at school) can cause your hips and glutes to atrophy, along with tightened necks, shoulders, and chest muscles. So get up and stretch! Stretching can both awaken and loosen these muscles, helping to improve your posture.

Fewer Aches and Pains—Tight muscles can put an undue burden on your joints, leading to pain in areas like the lower back and knees. Stretching, particularly after exercising, encourages your muscles to release tension while reducing soreness and taking unnecessary pressure off of your joints. When you wake up the next morning and DON'T feel like you got hit by a train, you'll realize the benefits of stretching post-workout.

Bring Your Body Into Balance—Not only does stretching alleviate muscle tightness, it also increases your blood flow and circulation, which both calms and clears your mind and improves your mood.

Wouldn't you like to feel better physically and mentally? Then start stretching today, and visit clubfithealth.com to download our class schedule, which includes our Friday afternoon yoga class that's perfect for releasing tension and bringing you into balance.

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