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Where to start? Steps for winterizing your car

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CANBY FORD - Great deals can be yours at Canby Ford!You're not the only one that needs to prepare for winter; your car does too! And while you may only need to throw a jacket on to complete you winter prep, they don't make coats for cars.

That's why you should follow Canby Ford's simple steps to winterization to ensure that your vehicle stays running and safe this winter:

1.) Include an Emergency Kit—Bottled water, energy bars, first aid supplies, gloves, road flares, and a flashlight are all part of a great emergency kit.

2.) Replace your wipers—Blades designed for winter driving won't be overcome by heavy snowfall, helping your to safely drive even in more inclement weather.

3.) Switch to Winter Tires—Specifically designed to offer more traction on icy or snowy roads, winter tires can greatly reduce your chances of an accident.

4.) Check your Car Battery—If your battery or cables are showing signs of wear and tear, you should consider replacing your battery before the cold really sets in.

5.) Change it up Under the Hood—Switch to thinner, less viscous oil now, which works better in the winter. Top off all of your engine's fluids, like coolant and transmission fluid, and check for any fluid leaks.

Keep yourself and others safe on the road this winter by following these steps. For more information, as well help with many of these important tips, call or visit Canby Ford today!

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