A little bit of Canby history could be moving in the future.

The Mack house, built by William Mack in 1879 on 40 acres he purchased in 1877, is one step away from getting the okay to be moved from its present location at 139 SW Second Ave. to a new home at 138 S. Knott St.

Ken Hostetler Construction is planning the move and has sought approval from the city’s Planning Commission. At its current location, the house is on Zoar Lutheran Church property.

The church has indicated that if the house is not moved, they will demolish the building.

“The Historic Review Board worked with the construction company, the Planning Commission and the Canby Historical Society to encourage the relocation of the Mack House,” said Jaime Stickel, Main Street Manager. “It would be devastating to Canby’s history to lose this important property.”

The two-story original home had wings added to each side as the Mack family increased in size – to 12 children. In 1912, a new owner got rid of the wings and moved the original center portion of the house across the street.

The Mack House is one of three properties listed on the city’s historic register – the two others are the W.H. Bair home and the First Methodist Episcopal Church, both on Northwest Third Avenue.

At its Dec. 9 meeting, the Planning Commission approved the move of the Mack House within the C-2 zone, which is designated commercial.

On Wednesday, Canby’s Historic Review Board passed a motion to approve the relocation of the historic Mack House to the vacant lot on Southwest Second Avenue.

“With the Mack House being on of Canby’s three designated historic properties, it was really important for the Historic Review Board to ensure that it wasn’t demolished,” said Stickel. “I think there is a perception that Canby doesn’t have a lot of history, but right now, with seeing the interest in keeping the Mack House, it has helped to highlight a big piece of its history. As the Historic Review Board works to uncover more of Canby’s history, I look forward to our business owners and citizens to become more involved in the process.”

Whether it is a tree or a house or a commercial building, each historic piece helps to tell a little bit of Canby’s story, and what a wonderful story it is.

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