City looking to narrow down search options

Canby City Council Wednesday began the process of selecting a new city administrator to replace Greg Ellis whose last day was March 3.

Interim City Administrator and Human Resources Director Amana Zeiber presented five recruiting options for councilors to review.

The options included doing the recruiting in-house, two local search firms and two larger firms.

The outside proposals came from Local Government Solutions, League of Oregon Cities, Waldron and the Prothman Co.

Local Government proposed a $7,500 fee, and the League of Oregon Cities, $8,750. Proposals from the larger firms were $25,000 from Waldron and $18,750 from Prothman, which did the recruiting for Police Chief Bret Smith.

Conducting the search in-house would be less expensive but difficult based on the current city staff workload, she said.

The large firms will handle most of the recruiting and soliciting of candidates to apply for the job, she said.

That’s not something that could be done in-house. It also would be difficult for the smaller companies. They are more set up to assist the council with an internal process.

“The one thing that has to be done is developing a profile in an open session regardless of where you do the recruitment. So you would need to schedule a meeting for that,” said Amanda Zeiber, interim city administrator.

The other processes vary depending on how much public involvement the city wants, she said. Most them include quite a bit of public process.

If the council made a quick start, they might be able interview candidates from the end of June to mid-July, she said.

Councilor Greg Parker said given the pressure on Zeiber and city staff with budget preparations and labor negotiations, he favored going with an outside firm.

The council asked Zeiber to come back with her recommendations for the top three proposals.

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