Heavy snow in the Canby area has kept the city busy trying to keep things safe

With the fourth major weather event to hit Canby in full white fluffy glory, efforts to keep Canby moving and safe have proven effective again. Canby City Administrator Rick Robinson said Wednesday morning that the recent weather patterns have "been unusual so far, we're just trying to stay ahead of it as best we can." JOHN BAKER - With the snow piling up, a couple hearty souls work to keep the sidewalks clear along Grant Street in downtown Canby. Robinson said that Public Works crews have been up early, out late and working plenty of overtime to help keep Canby's slickest and most-used intersections as safe as possible. "The first big snow is always a shock," said Robinson. "I think people get a little accustomed to driving in the snow and slicker roads. People become a little more cautious and understand the consequences of taking a corner too fast or braking recklessly. Incidents seem to have been slowing (over the course of the winter weather events)." And that's the biggest challenge, he said, managing the transportation infrastructures. "Our public works crews work hard to ensure the greatest possible safety," he said. City offices are open as best they can be staffed, though Robinson said the city does not want its employees to take risks they don't have to in bad weather. City offices are open Wednesday. Robinson said he met with the Canby Fire District on Wednesday morning and will talk with Canby Police later in the day as they map out what has been done or needs to be done moving forward, including activating a mini-emergency operation center through Canby Fire District. JOHN BAKER - Along with the slips and slides, there's plenty of beauty on a snowy morning in Canby. In addition to worry about traffic concerns, Robinson said that continued cold temperatures have raised concerns about people in the community that may not be prepared or be able to handle those cold temperatures. Identifying those folks and getting them to shelters in the area is part of the process of handling cold weather. While the snow is expected to stop by Wednesday afternoon, temperatures are expected to remain at or below freezing into the weekend. "I would encourage people who don't have critical business in town to stay home and stay off the roads," said Robinson.

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