Where did happy, healthy Canby go to?

To the editor:

What’s happening to happy, healthy people in Canby? Folks are experiencing a general malaise these days.

What’s the deal with neighbors who have nonstop barking dogs or outside music so loud you can’t think or drug dealers peddling their wares under our nose 24-7? I wrote a letter a few months back about pedestrian safety in Canby. Did it slow anyone down? Not that I noticed.

Canby is changing, according to my sources, and not to the better. Come on people, this is our town. Wake up, be neighborly, not noxious.

Keep Canby safe, happy and healthy.

Teri Daly


Big Weekend organizers deserve thanks for efforts

To the editor:

As always, congratulations to the organizers of the Cutsforth’s Thriftway Cruise-in and all the Big Weekend activities.

There’s something really kind of nice about walking the streets of downtown Canby during that Saturday and enjoying some beautifully restored cars. The colors and old styles are simply a wonderful thing to see and for those of us who are older — we can remember them.

Canby has a lot of very nice events and festivals, but I think the one that always seems to really define the Canby as a beautiful small town is the Big Weekend. So, here’s a thank you to all the volunteers and organizers of the event.

Also, a big thank you to the Canby Herald for previewing it each year and then running those wonderful photos that you ran this year. I’m sure it was appreciated.

Keith Anderson


Big Weekend marks Canby as a fun place

To the editor:

I really enjoy coming to Wait Park each year at the end of August to see all the beautiful cars and other activities during Big Weekend.

I don’t know how they keep track of all the cars or organize them to the way they do, but the people in charge of the event deserve a big “thank you” from this community. The event they put on is a wonderful example of what makes Canby such a fun and interesting place.

From the friendliness of the people putting on the pancake breakfast to the music and other events happening in and around the park, it’s just a feeling of joy and fun all around. And the cars. Talk about a rainbow of colors. Just gorgeous.

The great thing about Big Weekend is you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to really appreciate all that’s going on. Cars are the stars, but there’s plenty other stuff to see.

LeAnn Stiles


School’s back in session; drive more carefully

To the editor:

School is about to start. It’s time for drivers to really focus on what they’re doing and make sure our schoolchildren are safe on their way to and from school.

I know we have this discussion each year, but Canby seems to have been pretty lucky over the years in terms of vehicle hitting children numbers, so my hope is that we continue to be vigilant and make sure our children are safe going to school and then coming home.

Remember, the kids are young and their attention is rarely on the safety they should be practicing. That means it is up to us, the drivers, to practice safe driving habits and make sure the kids are safe despite their young minds.

Join me in practicing safe driving around schools and anywhere schoolchildren happen to be walking. Let’s keep Canby safe again this school year.

Rebecca Cobb


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