Loss of Hummel is huge blow to library, city of Canby

To the editor:

I am undoubtedly not the only person in Canby who mourns the loss of Penny Hummel as library director. Penny was a true gift to this city and its people, a gift that our city council obviously undervalued.

Somehow, the majority of those on the council and Mayor Brian Hodson came to believe that they knew better than anyone else what kind of a library the city needed. In this belief, the majority on the council disregarded several years of work on the part of the very person who was hired to do that work. In this belief, the majority on the council turned down a library that could have come in at budget and meet the guidelines for a library serving a town the size of Canby.

In this belief, the majority on the council will now accept the resignation of the library director who, in the process of doing her job, has obviously become the designated enemy. Shame on the council and on the mayor.

And shame on the citizens of this city if the council is allowed to take the money that hasn’t already been wasted on plans that will never come to fruition and spend it on a library that is scarcely bigger than the existing one.

Linda Warwick


Stopping Obamacare should be concern of all Americans

To the editor:

We Americans are smart enough to create a health insurance plan that includes several options, is affordable and helps provide reasonable health care for all citizens – rich or poor, liberal or conservative, young or old, religious or atheist, healthy or ill. The Obama-Clinton plan under current discussion does not intend to do any of the above.

President Obama threatened the projects of several legislators to bribe votes for a 2,000-page bill none read or understood. Immediately, Obama and Pelosi used waivers to excuse many of their corporate friends and supporters from the requirements of this law.

Then recently, our legislators, after foisting this dangerous government power grab of America’s health care industry upon all of us, exempted themselves from its demands. Why all of the waivers if this law is such a wonderful “affordable health care act?

Truth hides behind the flowery lies. Math shows us it is not “affordable.” Neither does it intend to give health care to all Americans. The true intent of this law is to gain government control of the health care industry in order to gain control over what medical care can be provided to whom and when. Already politicized on its way “out of the gate,” it will continue to be politicized by dictating who receives or is denied medical care. Elderly and disabled tend to need more expensive care so will take a hit.

Preborn babies haven’t a chance with the bill using the money unconstitutionally to “feather the nest” of Planned Parenthood.

We need to defund and repeal this massive boondoggle, with its additional 27,000 pages of regulations written by unelected and not named persons, before it jumpstarts the American holocaust. Your U.S. Representatives and Senators can be reached at 202-224-3121. They need to hear from you and me pronto.

Pat Smith


Thanks offered for help with family transition

To the editor:

It was our goal when we moved to Canby to be supportive to our community. Transition from one city to another can be challenging with new doctors and dentists on occasion.

I want to thank Dr. Corbet and Ms. Lindsay for all their kindness and helpfulness when it came time for new dentures. The level of personal care and attention to detail is unsurpassed in my experiences. It is refreshing to know our own local doctors and other valuable merchants are right here for us all. Thanks again Doc.

Vicki Shaddix


North Marion schools worthy of support by community

To the editor:

Support North Marion. As a community we have the greatest responsibility and highest honor to educate our youth. Amongst the enormity of the task, the economic downturn has devastated our school budget

An educated population is the cornerstone of democracy. This nation’s well-being depends on the decisions of its educated and informed citizens.

Education reduces costs to taxpayers. For every dollar spent to keep a child in school, the future costs of welfare, prison, and intervention services are reduced. Research shows that it costs less to educate a child now than to support a teenage parent or a repeat offender in the future.

Public schools are the only schools that must meet the needs of all students. They do not turn children or families away. Public schools serve children with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities, those who are extremely gifted, those who are learning challenged and all the ethnic and socioeconomic differences.

In 1954, there were 17 workers to pay the Social Security cost for each retiree. By 1995, there were only three for each retiree. It is likely that the productivity of these three workers per retiree will depend on the strength of our public school systems.

More than 95 percent of our future jobs will require at least a high school education. There is no question about the need for an educated work force.

The nation pays a high price for poorly educated workers. When retraining and remediation are needed to prepare a worker to do even simple tasks, the cost is paid by both employers and consumers.

Good education is not inexpensive, but ignorance costs far more.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela.

Julie Miller


Rocha’s background, experience should help city council

To the editor:

It is unfortunate the Herald article regarding the recent council appointment focused on Councilor Parker's comments rather than on Mr. Todd Rocha.

In my opinion, it was perfectly appropriate that Mr. Rocha was questioned about his views on voter referral. The council represents the citizens of Canby and many of them have been asking us that very same question.

I would have asked the other candidate, Mr. Padden, the same questions. And, yes, while it's true that Mr. Padden was a city councilor a few years ago, it's important to point out that he resigned his seat, stating that his work schedule didn't allow him the time to adequately serve. I planned to ask Mr. Padden if his time constraints had been resolved; however, a business trip kept him from being able to attend the interview, indicating to me that his conflicts remain.

This is the first time I have taken the opportunity to address comments like those made by Councilor Parker last week, and I only do so because I feel the Herald missed an opportunity to give our newest councilor a proper welcome. Missing from the article was how having a councilor with a working knowledge in the construction field will be beneficial to the council as the city moves forward with planning capital projects, and how Mr. Rocha's background and experience as a project manager will be an invaluable asset. That would have been a positive focus for the article.

Mr. Todd Rocha, welcome to the Canby City Council. You bring a lot to the table and I look forward to working with you as we serve the citizens of Canby.

Traci Hensley

Canby City Council

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