Letter to the editor from the week ending on February 1.

Regarding the Canby Herald's Jan. 25 article (Parks and rec survey needs local input), I believe the citizens of Canby require further information before deciding if and how to finance parks.

The article states a survey "in April 2016 indicates a majority of respondents support funding for park maintenance."

In truth, there were 210 total respondents answering the question and a limited number of solutions. The statement is not a factual representation for the citizens of Canby. Actually, the number of respondents could be an indication that the citizens of Canby have very little interest in the parks as a whole.

Alternatives on park funding; utilize some funding from the swim center, close certain parks during the year and/or reduce the number of parks to balance the existing resources provided for maintenance, don't accumulate money for future parks until you study future needs with the community, hire more people and add necessary equipment using the general fund.

With all due respect to our mayor and council, last October, homeowners received their yearly property evaluations with increases $200 to $500 for 2017.

Taxes always seem to go up and never go down for us. First, we must support the need to have entities (utilities, roads, police and fire, etc.) and second, support the nice to have entities (swim center, parks, etc.).

All city leaders must prioritize essential funding over the other non-essential services for future inclusion.

Craig Palmer


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