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I speak with one of my relatives regularly, a woman in her mid-80s who always mentions, "I sure hope things get better, they can't get any worse."

She always sounds both pained and angry about her life. And this always surprises me as she has everything she needs and wants. She lives in a clean modern apartment that is government subsidized, she has enough money to by a new car every few years, reasonably good health, a pension with excellent healthcare benefits, enough to eat, and supportive family.

Why the anger? Why the fear? Why the feeling that things are terrible? Much of her time is spent listening to "news" that tells her for hours every day that she should feel cheated, she should feel outraged, she should be afraid that what should be given to her is being given away to those who don't deserve it.

She monitored her children carefully when growing up to make sure that they did not associate with the wrong crowd. She knew how important this was and drew the line many times forbidding them to associate with the wrong crowd.

She still attends church several times per week. She knows the scripture by heart that reinforces this idea, that one will be harmed by association with the wrong crowd.

Have we become a dangerously divided country because we are listening to these voices saying, you should be angry, you should be indignant and outraged, you should feel cheated. Who wouldn't have their minds swayed by hearing all this day in and day out?

The world and the people in it have always been and always will be a mixed bag, good and bad. If you are only hearing how bad things are maybe you are not hearing the full story.

Karyn Fenton


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