Letter to Canby Herald Editor John Baker from the week of April 3

Mr. Fenton, the first paragraph of your recent letter was quite good, but there the "goodness" ended. To come to the conclusions you did, when the entire matter has really not been thoroughly vetted, is quite preposterous.

And recently I did hear that the claims are now being substantiated? So I can conclude that you're listening to or watching those programs that have been constantly vilifying President Trump quite from before the final votes had even been cast."

President Trump has been at the helm less than 100 days and you, as well as the press, have been attacking him however he turns. He's hardly had the chance to get his proverbial feet wet. And the so called protestors? Paid for and supported in their endeavors by whom? I've a good guess as well as do many of my acquaintances.

Never in history has a new President had to contend with the nonsense that has been tossed at President Trump. Give the man a chance.

And your final attack, obviously meant to scare our citizens, Trump's plan to beef up our depleted military. The military has been sorely diminished at the hands of Obama, to the extent that we are near defenseless. Do you wish to have foreigners attacking us on our soil?

One item I'd like to add, pertaining to Obamacare, if this was such a terrific program why were the majority of the DC crowd allowed to "opt out?" How come we never hear about that?

In the future, try looking at the whole picture before spouting off.

Sally Douglas


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