Letter to Canby Herald Editor John Baker from the week of April 3

Bill Fenton's letter in March 29 Herald needs correction big time. Perhaps his letter crossed in the air with the evidence now surfacing that supports President Trump 's assertion that he and transition team members were under surveillance by Obama's intelligence team.

Or perhaps Mr. Fenton is a fan of news channels who regularly chatter fake, false and no news, as tracked and documented professionally by Brent Bozell's Media Research Center. On Fox News, he could have seen the admission on tape of an Obama employee explaining what they did and why. Or perhaps Mr. Fenton just got so used to the pathological lying of the last president that he thinks our new President is up to the same games.

Regardless of reason, his letter to editor lacks credibility from start to finish. President Trump, whose brutal honesty is refreshing even as it often borders on political risk-taking for himself, is too busy taking care of our country's urgencies to sit around spinning phony stories.

President Trump believes in peace through strength and has said repeatedly he hopes we do not have to send any more citizens into "harms way." By the way, can Mr. Fenton explain to us why Mr. Obama has settled down in Washington D.C. a few blocks from the Capitol and formed a 501c4 organization called Organizing for Action? It might be worth investigating -- by our new leadership.

Mr. Trump sacrificed a comfortable life for himself and his family to volunteer to lead the country he loves out of the ugly swamp left by radical leftists. I am sick and tired of watching false and abusive attacks aimed at his character, motives, and person.

Pat Smith


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