Canby Herald Letters to the editor for the May 10, 2017 issue

Recent growth in apartments should be of concern

To the editor:

Don't Californicate Canby.

I am concerned with the recent growth spurt of apartments being added to the City of Canby. Growing traffic congestion on 99E and Territorial is making our town less livable.

The planning commission sounds concerned about traffic, and as of this writing they are planning to discuss traffic in the upcoming work session which will have occurred by the time of this publication. The Canby Herald.

And yet they have recommended some additional high density housing, which will add more cars on our roads.

Minutes from their March 13 meeting reveal that Mr. Scott is planning to build approximately 58 new apartments on North Territorial. This in addition to the apartments already being built behind Fred Meyers. The planning commission minutes further reported what Mr. Scott thought of Canby's off street parking requirements;".... the Code needed to be looked at as he thought it was too stringent."

Do we want a city with more traffic and less stringent building requirements? Maybe you do -- either way voice your opinion to the planning commission and city council.

Scott Williams


Konev has real grasp on school's future

To the editor:

As a part-time instructor at Clackamas Community College, and former Canby City Councilor I have a sense of the future in education. I know the current members of the Clackamas Community College Board, and appreciate their commitment. To that end I believe Irene Kovev has a real grasp on what is needed to support the future, and would be a great fit for the board.

Irene has proven her commitment to not only Canby by her campaign for the city council, but multiple other volunteer jobs.

I have gotten to know Irene over the past two years, and admire her in so many ways.

Please join me in voting for Irene Konev for Clackamas Community College Board.

Robert Bitter


Konev will build strong relationships

To the editor:

I am pleased to be writing on behalf of Irene Konev, candidate for the Clackamas Community College Board. Konev is a champion for equity, diversity, and inclusion -- three values that are important to me and important to our community. Equity, diversity, and inclusion make Clackamas County a desirable place for residents to raise their families.

As you learn more about Konev, you will discover these three priorities continuously repeated. Irene doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

Konev has a long history of building positive relationships that lead to results. Irene understands the key to success working with other people is establishing trust. Without trust there will be no relationships. Without relationships there will be no results. Irene gets it. Irene Konev will be a board director we can all trust.

Please join me in voting for Irene Konev for the Clackamas Community College Board.

Tony Crawford


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