Letter to Canby Herald Editor John Baker from the week beginning May 8

With spring finally here (well, sort of), it's important to note that we are enterting one of the most wonderful times each year for Canby.STOCK IMAGE - Pamplin Media Group

There will be events, festivals and fun galore in Canby during the next 4-5 months and it is my hope that the community will get out and support these events in a big way. I think that what makes Canby so uniquely enjoyable is the way the local events are supported by the community and businesses. We get previews and overviews of the events through the Canby Herald and have the chance to experience new and exciting things within our own community.

I think it's important to support these projects as most, if not all, are put on by local volunteers who pour hours of time, sweat and effort into making them something special for the communitiy -- and those who visit from outside our community. I appreciate the hard work put in by the folks and feel that the best way to let them know their efforts are appreciated is by showing up. And Canby does that. So let's keep it going.

Thanks in advance to all the people who put in the time and effort to give us a summertime full of things to see and experience. It truly makes the summer that much more enjoyable.

Faith Walling


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