For Buddy Bird, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Don’t anyone buy Buddy Bird a ticket to a football game. His splendid imitation of a referee’s whistle would bring everything to a screeching halt. Bet your beak on it.

Buddy Bird is an African Grey parrot who graciously shares his home with its owners, who deferred the spotlight to their feathered pet.

by: RAY HUGHEY - Buddy Bird has a wonderful talent he just loves to share. He rules the roost from a spacious cage by the dining room window. From there he can hear and imitate everything, a noted talent of the African Grey.

“He just loves to imitate anyone’s voice,” his human mom says.

He mimics her voice, her husband’s, the family dogs and even the neighbor’s cats.

Her husband watches hunting shows on television and now Buddy can do the cry of an elk cow.

He does electronic sounds, too. They had to get a new ringtone for their telephone thanks to Buddy.

The dogs used to run to his cage when he called them in her husband’s voice. Now they are on to him. Buddy never heard of the parrot who cried wolf.

Buddy does do a wolf whistle.

“Every morning,” his mom says. “I say good morning and he whistles. I’ll say, ‘Thank you. I needed that.’”

Buddy originally was a daughter’s bird, she said. She had to move and couldn’t take the parrot with her.

“I said, ‘I’ll take him,’ and I’ve had him ever since. He’s such good company.”

Buddy did not come without baggage. He had a nasty potty mouth.

They couldn’t help but wonder if he used to belong to a tavern.

But since then, he has cleaned up his act for the most part.

Buddy Bird has been with them 15 years, but they have no idea what his age might be. African Greys can live 50 to 80 years.

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