Two injured in accident on the grade


The motor vehicle crash involved two vehicles as well as a school bus carrying one passenger

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - The driver side door of this vehicle was struck during the accident.

Two local residents sustained minor injuries following an accident that involved two vehicles and a school bus.

On Tuesday morning, around 6 a.m., 61-year-old Prineville resident Lania Dolan was driving up the Highway 126 grade just west of town when she fell asleep at the wheel. Her vehicle drifted from the inside westbound lane into oncoming traffic, where she sideswiped a school bus driven by 40-year-old Brandi Turner of Prineville.

"She clipped it moderately," said Prineville Police Captain Michael Boyd. "It didn't do much damage."

Turner was not injured in the collision, nor was her passenger, a 19-year-old special education student.

Hitting the school bus jolted Dolan awake, but she was still unable to stop her car from continuing into oncoming traffic where she struck another eastbound vehicle driven by 39-year-old Prineville resident Michael Thomas.

"He basically pulled clear over against the guardrail, trying to get away from her," Boyd said, "but she still hit his driver side door."

Dolan and Thomas were transported to Pioneer Memorial Hospital after sustaining minor injuries, including bumps and bruises and back and neck pain. They were treated and later released.

Dolan was cited for Failure to Maintain a Lane.

Although the accident damaged three vehicles and led to injuries, Boyd noted that the situation could have turned out much worse than it did.

"Luckily, Mr. Thomas had the presence of mind to pull clear over to the right," he said. "Otherwise, it would have been a head-on collision at pretty substantial speeds."