The candidate has worked in the Crook County Clerks Office for the past two years

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Cheryl Seely would lean on her experience in real estate if elected to the position.

Crook County Clerk candidate Cheryl Seely spent two decades recording documents either as a realtor or title company employee.

For the past two years, she worked in the county clerk's office learning everything that goes into administering a local election.

Seely is now hoping that experience will pay off as she has recently filed to run for Crook County clerk.

"I love Crook County and I feel I am really qualified for the job," she said.

If elected, Seely is hoping to lean on her experience in the real estate industry as she conducts the recording side of the job.

"I did a lot of that at the title company," she said. "With real estate, you are recording deeds and mortgages, and I helped clear liens on properties."

Seely added that she was on the board of property tax appeals for three years, a board for which the county clerk also serves as clerk.

While Seely brings 20 years of recording experience to the table, she admits that the election side of the job is less familiar. Nevertheless, she feels that her work in the clerk’s office has prepared her for it.

She noted that she has volunteered her time to observe what happens during the late nights as the final night of the election unfolds.

“That’s exciting,” she said.

Seely has attended several classes to prepare for election work as well, including signature verification courses and vote-by-mail training. In addition, Seely has been part of the Change Control Committee for the Oregon Central Voter Registration System.

“This is the program in which the voter registration and all of the elections are processed,” she explained. “The committee is constantly reviewing change requests to the program, completing testing, and approving certain program changes.”

Seely has also worked closely with current county clerk Dee Berman, who is retiring at the end of this year after 20 years on the job, to learn what the job entails.

“Dee has been wonderful,” Seely said. “She is so knowledgeable. I have gone to a couple of clerk’s conferences with her. She is wonderful about sharing what she thinks. Anything that comes up, she shares it with us in the office so we know how to answer a problem when it comes up and she is not there.”

Seely has discovered during the past couple years that the elections process is more demanding on an ongoing basis than she ever realized. She has learned that the clerk has to constantly pay attention to filing dates, voter registration, and ballot accuracy and timeliness.

“There are so many statutes that control that,” she added. “You are working on elections almost year-round.”

As the election nears, Seely believes her career experience and education makes her the best choice for voters, and she hopes they feel the same way.

“I am ready. I am very ready. I am very excited about it,” she said.

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