A couple cattle routinely escape herd, roaming side streets and parking lots during the annual event

PHOTO COURTESY OF KING OIL AND LUBE - By the looks of things, one of the escape longhorns from Wednesday's cattle drive just needed to clean up for the crowd. The following image was caught by a security camera in the car wash at King's Oil and Lube.

The annual cattle drive created some unanticipated excitement Wednesday evening as a couple of the larger longhorns refused to stay on route.

According to Prineville Police Captain Larry Seymour, two of the larger animals strayed from the Third Street route despite people on horseback doing their best to keep them with the herd, and ended up on Second Street and in couple of area parking lots near Dairy Queen and McDonalds.

Fortunately, nobody was injured, and the only property damage may have been to the side of a parked car.

"We ended up roping one of the larger ones and putting it in a trailer," Seymour said.

This isn't the first time that the cattle have escaped from the herd during the annual event, although Seymour noted it hasn't happened in several years. Nevertheless, the incident is prompting them to take a look at the event and figure out ways to prevent cattle from getting loose in the future.

"You can't always control animals completely," Seymour said. "It is always scary when you have families in their lawn chairs on the side of the road. But no one got hurt, so that's good."

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