Dillons Grill and CC Football Cowboy Dash


The football was put in to play with a punt that was aimed in the direction of Dillons Grill and the contestants were off.

by: TERESA TOOLEY - Mike Shinkle and Kevin Bradley make their way towards Tim Harris who is carrying the ball. In the meantime, Tex Smith, Mike Wendel, and Grey Shinkle do their best to strip the ball.

The first of what will become an annual event, was held on Saturday, Oct. 12 and if you did not attend or participate in this year’s CC Football Cowboy Dash, you missed a fundraiser that was not only the shortest (lasting less than 10 minutes), but also the funniest one I have seen in a while.

The Cowboy Dash consisted of about 25 contestants, 15 who paid to run, walk, or crawl during the “race” and about ten who paid and waited for the others at Dillon’s Grill.

The race began at the east end of Stryker Park, with head football coach Ryan Cochran shooting off the cannon that is used at the football games when Crook County scores a touchdown. The football was put in to play with a punt that was aimed in the direction of Dillon’s Grill and the contestants were off. Some elected to go after the football and some going straight to Dillon’s, where they would be rewarded with a beverage of their choice.

Every contestant received a t-shirt, a beverage at Dillon’s, and the chance at one of three prizes to be awarded. One of the awards was for whomever brought the football to Dillon’s and there was some tough competition for that award, with contestants slipping and sliding or huffing and puffing their way to the football, only to get tackled and have the ball stripped away and another mad dash for Dillon’s. Tim Harris, who won the award for the best dressed, had the ball several times, but in the end it was Tex Smith who made it to Dillon’s to receive the award.

The team who made it to Dillon’s in the fastest time was the Rebound Physical Therapy Team and they elected to not even look in what direction the football went and made a beeline straight to Dillon’s.

After everyone made it to Dillon’s, they enjoyed some lunch and then sat back to watch the Oregon Duck’s game. Dillon’s is always supportive of our CC athletics as well as other groups and organization and it is very much appreciated.

If you did not attend or participate in this year’s Cowboy Dash, make sure that you do next year. It is a fun way to raise some money for the football team and like I said, it was over in 10 minutes or less.

Prineville Perk will be held at the Ochoco Vision Source on Fri., October 18 from 8 - 8:30 a.m., they are located at 340 NW Beaver St, for more information on Prineville Perk, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 541-447-6304.

There is a party goin’ on at Rebound Physical Therapy. They are having an appreciation day on October 17 from 2 – 4 p.m. to say thank you Prineville! They will also be holding their second annual Chili Cook-off, featuring five kinds of homemade chili. There will also be treats, beverages, smiles, and of course fun. They are located 425 N Main St and can be reached at 541-416-7476.

Roar Denture Center is celebrating their ninth business anniversary this month; they are located at 266 N.W. 5th St. and can be reached at 541-447-1593.

Happy 17th business anniversary to Slater Chiropractic, Dr. Paul Slater and Dr. Tobias Joyce offering Chiropractic, massage therapy, spine and sports injury rehab, and acupuncture. They are located at 240 N.W. Claypool and can be reached at 541-447-6627.

Hanes Chiropractic Wellness Center, Dr. Coby Hanes is celebrating his 18th business anniversary this month; he is located at 446 N.W. 3rd St in the Hanes Building and can be reached at 541-447-7230.

Wagner’s Price Slasher Markets is celebrating 22 years in business. They are located at 930 N Main St and are open seven days a week; they can be reached at 541-447-2600.

Dad’s Place, a local favorite has been serving their customers for 23 years this month; they are located at 229 N Main St and can be reached at 541-447-7059.

Jim and Kathi McDonald at J.G.’s Professional Cleaning have been offering total cleaning service and building maintenance for 30 years this month. You can reach them at 541-447-2996.

The Posie Shoppe, located at 127 N.W. 3rd St has been doing business for 44 years this month; you can reach them at 541-447-4397.

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Wells Fargo has appointed Shannon Shely as a business specialist to serve customers in Prineville, Madras and Redmond. Shely will be providing small businesses the financial products and services they need to succeed. Shely previously worked as a personal banker for Wells Fargo in Madras, Prineville and Redmond for two years.

The Oregon native earned a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology and business administration at University of Oregon. She can be reached at (541) 233-9703.

The Bowman Museum and Friends of Crook County Library invite you to the Saunders Celebration Lecture Series. This week’s event will be on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 6:30 p.m. featuring Harriet Langmas, designer and creator of Original Handmade Vintage Clothing, you will be spending the evening with Hariet Langmas – stitching through history. It is free to attend and will be held at the Museum’s Community Room on N Main St. for more information, contact 541-447-3715.

Firearm Training Northwest will be holding a concealed carry permit class on Thurs. Oct. 31 at Meadow Lakes Clubhouse, located at 300 S.W. Meadow Lakes Dr. This class will help you understand the safety, regulations, and legalities of carrying a firearm in public. The class will run from 3 – 5 p.m., for more information or to register, contact Shaun at 1-360-921-2071 or go to HYPERLINK "http://www.shauncurtain.com" www.shauncurtain.com.

What’s Brewing? This week’s community forum will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 7 to 8 a.m. at Meadow Lakes Restaurant. This week’s speaker will be Chris Gannon, Crooked River Watershed Council and Mike Kasberger, Ochoco Irrigation District. They will be discussing the breaching the Stearns Dam. Next week the Stearns Dam will be “notched”, the first step in its removal. This week Chris Gannon from the Crooked River Watershed Council and Mike Kasberger, manager of the Ochoco Irrigation District, will relate the storied history of the dam and explain why the decision was made to remove the dam. They will preview the removal process and issue a special invitation to you to attend the historic event. The community forum is free and open to the public, breakfast is available.

Amerititle, located at 150 N.E. Court St is accepting canned, non-perishable food for their Annual Civil War Food Drive. They have pledged to match your donations can for can and have set a goal to meet or beat 1000 lbs of food to support our local families through St. Vincent Food Bank. You can drop your donations in either the Oregon State Beaver of Oregon Duck’s “field goal” off from now through November 29.

The Prineville Senior Center has been selected as a finalist in a social giving campaign through the Home Federal Bank called “My Community Cares” and they could win $10,000 with the help of the Prineville community. All you need to do is visit http://MyCommunity.MyHomeFed.com, “like” the Home Federal Bank Facebook page, and vote for the Prineville Senior Center. The other thing that they ask that you do, is to encourage all of your Facebook “friends” to vote, you can only vote one time per Facebook account and every vote will get them that much closer to receiving a grant. Voting began on Tuesday, Oct. 1 and will end on Sunday, Nov. 3.