Ochoco Elementary Librarian Carolyn Dunaway was recently awarded $500 for new books as part of the KTVZ News Channel 21s Pay it Forward program

by: KEVIN SPERL - Ochoco Elementary School Librarian Carolyn Dunaway accepts $500 from the school's PTO Secretary Angie Brooks, courtesy of KTVZ NewsChannel 21's Pay it Forward program.

Ochoco Elementary School Librarian Carolyn Dunaway is going shopping.

Flush with $500 cash, courtesy of KTVZ NewsChannel 21's Pay it Forward program, Dunaway is looking forward to adding to the library's collection of nonfiction books.

Dunaway was nominated for the award by local parent, Angie Brooks. As secretary of the school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), Brooks noticed that the shelves of the library were somewhat empty.

“Early in the year we had a PTO meeting and Carolyn talked to us about her frustration with buying new library books,” said Brooks, “ rarely watch TV but I happened to see the ad for Pay it Forward and thought it could help.”

Brooks submitted an application on Dunaway's behalf last September, and had forgotten about it when she suddenly got the call from the station last week that the money was on its way.

Pay it Forward, an initiative of KTVZ, MidOregon Credit Union and CoEnergy Propane, presents $500 each month to a nominated individual who serves their community.

According to CoEnergy Propane’s General Manager, Randy Camp, his company donates $250 of the amount and MidOregon Credit Union does the same.

Camp and MidOregon's Loan Officer Lacey McBeth and Teller Racheal Inman were in attendance for the presentation of the money to Dunaway, along with KTVZ co-anchor and reporter Alicia Inns.

Dunaway has been the school's librarian for 11 years and said she knows exactly how to stretch that $500 to hopefully acquire over 100 books for the collection.

"Over the past few years, I have really learned how to budget and shop for book bargains," she said. "But, it will be nice to go to the kids and ask them what they want to have in their library."

Brooks wishes that she could bring Dunaway enough money to completely fill the library's shelves.

"This school has done amazing things with its literacy programs," said Brooks. "It was so much fun to nominate Carolyn and I loved surprising her. "

Dunaway, who admitted to being completely surprised by the donation, quickly turned to the students she loves to inspire to read.

"Are you all excited?" Dunaway asked them as she showed them the money, "We can now get some new books!"

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