The Crook County Cultural Coalition awards $8,400 in grants to eight local organizations

 - Crook County Cultural Coalition grant recipients pose for a photo Wednesday at the Crook County Library with Coalition board members. Left to right, are Board Secretary Lyle Andrews, Chairman Tom Jay, member Marlee Dutli, and Past Chair Claudia Callan, grant recipients Lexie Tombleson, Tiina Allas, Lawrence Weberg, Barbara Punch, Mary Reed, Von Thompson, Ruby Ruiz, Daleena Green and Jim Malloy. Not pictured are board member Lisa Morgan and grant recipient Hannah Moorman.

Free concerts in the park, theater performances, an anthology, a lending library, drums, an antique firearm and benches — all made possible by grants from the Crook County Cultural Coalition.

"The Coalition will distribute $8,400 in grants to eight deserving projects this year," said Crook County Cultural Coalition Chairman Tom Jay. "They help support the arts, humanities and heritage in Crook County."

The Crook County Cultural Coalition annually distributes grant money from the Oregon Cultural Trust to local organizations in support of the arts, culture and humanities.

The Coalition board presented the awards to the organizations Wednesday morning at the Crook County Library.

"We are so thankful for the Cultural Coalition and what they give back to the community to support culture in Crook County," said Crook County Foundation Executive Director Daleena Green.

The Foundation received a $4,000 grant.

"This grant supports Picnic in Park, our free summer concert series that is only made possible by the generous outpouring of support from the community," Green said, noting that the Foundation has received the Coalition grant for several years. "We are excited for another outstanding year at Picnic in the Park and so appreciative of the community supporters and volunteers that make this possible."

Prineville Music Theater Camp received a $2,000 grant to put on "Peter Pan" during its annual Summer Children's Theater.

The Crook County Middle School Choir Department received $500 to purchase World Music Drums for choir and music classes.

Choir teacher Hannah Moorman said the World Music Drumming curriculum and classroom drum set provides an excellent support to their classroom goals, which include performing a diverse repertoire of choral music from a variety of cultures and time periods.

"Group drumming and singing of world music allows students to connect with each other in an exciting and respectful way while gaining an appreciation for music that is performed throughout the world," Moorman said, adding that perhaps a student will even be inspired to travel and explore the world outside of Oregon and the United States.

"Our deepest gratitude to the C.C. Cultural Coalition for their support of the CCMS Choir Department," she said. She looks forward to inviting the Coalition to their first performance with the World Music Drums that they helped purchase.

The Coalition awarded Kathi Bumblis $500 for her Free Lending Libraries project to provide access to reading materials for disadvantaged children ages birth to 10 years old.

Ochoco Players Community Theater was given $500 to help defray the cost of producing their spring play, including royalties and the rental of the high school auditorium, as well as scripts, props and costumes.

They will produce "Harvey" by Mary Chapman JASON CHANEY/CENTRAL OREGONIAN
 - Barbara Punch accepts a grant award for the Prineville Music Theater Camp and tells the gathered crowd more about what the camp does.
April 13-15. The comedy tells about a kindly man who is befriended by a giant rabbit.

"We are grateful that our state provides grants for groups and events that promote the arts across Oregon. We also applaud our local government for appointing a group of citizens to disperse the funds that Oregon gives Crook County for that purpose," said Ochoco Players Director Lexie Tombleson, noting that they received a grant three years ago from the Coalition. "It's an affective, common-sense way to put the funds to their best use."

The Scribblers Writing Club also received $500, which they will use to help publish their fourth anthology, "Wherever Rivers Run," in July. The book will include writings from local students.

The Coalition gave $300 to the Grimes Christmas Scene for flowers, lighting and benches to help beautify the area surrounding the fairgrounds building that houses the display.

Beaver State Historical Gun Makers Guild received $100 to craft a working replica Barnet (H.B.C.) Trade Gun as used by Peter Skene Ogden, which they will donate to Prineville Police Department.

The Oregon Cultural Trust's mission is to lead Oregon in cultivating, growing and valuing culture as an integral part of communities. They do this by inspiring Oregonians to invest in a permanent fund that provides annual grants to cultural organizations.

Crook County Cultural Coalition formed in December of 2002 by Crook County government to administer local grant funds received from the Oregon Cultural Trust. The current board consists of seven members, Chairman Tom Jay, Past Chair Claudia Callan, Secretary Lyle Andrews, Marlee Dutli, Stephanie Fahlgren, Lawrence Weberg and Lisa Morgan.

The Oregon Cultural Trust distributed $2.9 million statewide for the 2018 fiscal year, with $735,887 going to 40 county and tribal coalitions in Oregon.

Crook County Cultural Coalition received $8,779 for fiscal year 2018 and gave a 3 percent fee, $263.37, to Crook County Foundation, which acts as fiscal sponsor for the Coalition.

Money comes from the sale of Cultural Trust License Plates and donations to the trust via the Oregon Cultural Tax Credit.

Jay explained that those who donate to one or more of the 1,300 approved cultural nonprofits and match the gift with a donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust, donors get the match back from their Oregon taxes up to $500, $1,000 if filing jointly, or $2,500 for corporations.

"If they donate to the Oregon Cultural Trust, it definitely comes back here, so that's pretty cool," Jay said.

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