Brazile wins all-around title at Roundup


PRCA all-time money winner competed in team roping, tie-down roping and steer roping at this year's Crooked River Roundup

The 2014 Crooked River Roundup had a record number of entries and near record crowds.

“Friday night I think the crowd was better than it has been in several years,” said Crooked River Roundup Rodeo Chair Shawn Connolly. “The crowd was really good on Sunday and boy was it packed Saturday night.”

Not only was there a record number of entrants, (more than 350) in this year’s Roundup, but the talent level was extraordinary. More than 30 past and present world champions were in the field, including 11-time world all-around champion Trevor LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Jake Barnes (Right) and Junior Nogueira finish their second go round of team roping with a time of 5.7 seconds. Barnes of Scottsdale, Ariz. and Nogueira, from Brazil, won the averageat the rodeo with a total time of 11.4 seconds on two heads.

“Normally you would have to travel several zip codes south to see the quality athletes we saw this weekend,” said Crooked River Roundup Board President Dean Noyes. “The last time we saw that much talent in one place was at the NFR last year in Vegas. The talent was just amazing.”

No surprise to anyone, Brazile won the all-around championship, earning $3,132 while competing in tie-down roping, team roping, and steer wrestling.

Brazile won the second go round of tie-down roping with a time of 7.6 seconds, the second fastest time in Roundup history. However, his average time of 18.9 seconds left him just fourth in the average in the event.

Brazile also earned a second-place finish in the second go round of steer roping with a time of 12.3 seconds.

In his final event, Brazile and partner Travis Graves finished fifth in the steer roping average with a time of 16.1 seconds on two heads.

One of Brazile’s travel partners, Tuf Cooper, won the first go round of tie-down roping with a time of 8.3 seconds. Cooper was fourth in the second go round of the event with a time of 8.7 seconds and used his consistency to win the average with a time of 17.0 on two head.

Cooper, the current world champion in the event, and Brazile shared a horse during the tie-down event.

Joel and Allen Bach won the first round of team roping with a time of 5.0 seconds. Brady Tryan and Tommy Zuniga took the second round in 5.1 seconds while Jake Barnes and Junior Nogueira won the average with a time of 11.4 seconds.

Prineville resident Charly Crawford and his roping partner Shay Carroll, of La Junta, Colo., tied for fourth in the first go round with a time of 5.5 seconds, and finished second in the average with a total time of 11.8 seconds.

The team roping competition was clearly the most star-studded event in the entire competition, featuring multiple former world champions and more than 20 cowboys who have been to the NFR.

The steer roping average was won by Corey Ross, of Liberty Hill, Texas, with a total time of 36.o seconds. Garrett Hale, of Snyder, Texas, won the first go round with a time of 13.2 seconds, while Rod Hartness, of Pawhuska, Okla., won the second go round in 11.7 seconds.

Former Powell Butte and Post resident Mike Beers, who now lives in Kamloops, British Columbia, was fourth in the first round with a time of 156.1 seconds and took second in the average with a total time of 42.0 seconds. by: LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Wyatt Bloom comes out of the chute during Sunday's Crooked River Roundup. Bloom, of Bend, won the bareback competition riding Flying Diamond Rodeo's No. 13 for a score of 80.

Jace Davis, of Adrian, and Justin Resseman, from Colbert, Wash., tied for first in the steer wrestling average with a time of 10.0 seconds. Travis Taruscio of Stanfield won the first go round with a time of 4.0 seconds while Austin Manning, of Kuna, Idaho, won the second go round in a time of 4.3 seconds.

In the final timed event of the competition, Texas cowgirl Samantha Lyne won the barrel racing with a time of 17.32 seconds. With 88 contestants competing, the event was one of the most hotly contested of this year’s Roundup. Tami Semas, of Prineville, finished second in the event with a time of 17.39 LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Brady Nicholes of Hoytsville, Utah rides James Bond Sunday afternoon. NIchols finished second in the saddle bronc riding competition with a score of 81

The rough stock events were also fiercely contested.

Bend resident Wyatt Bloom took first in bareback riding with a score of 80. Kash Wilson, of Gooding, Idaho, finished second with a score of 78.

Isaac Diaz, from Desdemona, Texas, took first in saddle bronc with a score of 82 points, one point ahead of Hoytsville Utah’s Brady Nicholes. Justin Berg, Tab Hildreth and Rusty Wright tied for third with scores of 79.

Last year’s Roundup saw the bulls win with just two cowboys making qualified rides during the three-day event. This year was different with eight riders completing their eight-second rides. Casey White, of Weiser, Idaho, finished first with a score of 83 points, while Allen Helmuth, of Redmond, took second with a score of 80.

“Hands down it was the best Roundup we have ever seen,” said Noyes. “The key is the community and our sponsors gave us enough money that we were able to increase our purse this year.”

Connolly agreed that this year’s Roundup was one of the best ever.

“I was extremely pleased,” he said. “I think it was well run and you couldn’t ask for a better volunteer group. I thought all of our contractors were excellent; the announcers bull fighters, our barrelman were all very very good. It couldn’t have went any smoother.”

Crooked River Roundup

Crook County Fairgrounds

June 27-29

All-around cowboy — Trevor Brazile, $3,132, tie-down roping, team roping and steer roping.

Bareback riding — 1. Wyatt Bloom, 80 points on Flying Diamond Rodeo’s No. 013, $1,545; 2. Kash Wilson, 78, $1,170; 3. Nick Gutzwiler, 74, $843; 4. Casey Meroshnekoff, 73, $562; 5. Grant Denny, 71, $328; 6. (tie) Austin Foss and Lee Lantz, 70, $117 each.

Steer wrestling — First round: 1. Travis Taruscio, 4.0 seconds, $945; 2. Jace Davis, 4.3, $782; 3. Justin Resseman, 5.1, $619; 4. Trevor Knowles, 5.2, $456; 5. B.J. Taruscio, 5.6, $293; 6. Patrick Flory, 5.7, $163. Second round: 1. Austin Manning, 4.3 seconds, $945; 2. Buster Barton, 4.4, $782; 3. (tie) Carl Seiders and B.J. Taruscio, 4.8, $538 each; 5. Justin Resseman, 4.9, $293; 6. Casey McMillen, 5.0, $163. Average: 1. (tie) Jace Davis and Justin Resseman, 10.0 seconds, $864 each; 3. B.J. Taruscio, 10.4, $619; 4. Buster Barton, 11.0, $456; 5. Travis Taruscio, 12.2, $293; 6. Trevor Knowles, 13.5, $163.

Team roping — First round: 1. Joel Bach/Allen Bach, 5.0 seconds, $1,386 each; 2. (tie) Keven Daniel/York Gill and David Key/Kory Koontz, 5.4, $1,028 each; 4. (tie) Jake Stanley/Bucky Campbell and Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll, 5.5, $550 each; 6. Jake Barnes/Junior Nogueira, 5.7, $239. Second round: 1. Brady Tryan/Tommy Zuniga, 5.1 seconds, $1,386 each; 2. Clayton Hansen/Garrett Jess, 5.3, $1,147; 3. Manny Egusquiza Jr./Brad Culpepper, 5.4, $908; 4. Chad Masters/Clay Cooper, 5.6, $669; 5. Jake Barnes/Junior Nogueira, 5.7, $430; 6. Ryan Fornstrom/Jake Echevarria, 6.1, $239. Average: 1. Jake Barnes/Junior Nogueira, 11.4 seconds on two head, $2,080 each; 2. Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll, 11.8, $1,721; 3. Chad Masters/Clay Cooper, 12.0, $1,362; 4. Jake Stanley/Bucky Campbell, 12.9, $1,004; 5. Trevor Brazile/Travis Graves, 16.1, $645; 6. David Key/Kory Koontz, 16.3, $359.

Saddle bronc riding — 1. Isaac Diaz, 82 points on Corey & Lange Rodeo’s Moe Bandy, $1,979; 2. Brady Nicholes, 81, $1,499; 3. (tie) Justin Berg, Tab Hildreth and Rusty Wright, 79, $740 each; 6. (tie) Mitch Randall and Ben Londo, 78, $150 each.

Tie-down roping — First round: 1. Tuf Cooper, 8.3 seconds, $966; 2. Garrett Hale, 8.4, $799; 3. Shane Erickson, 9.0, $633; 4. Matt Nauman, 9.4, $466; 5. Jared Ferguson, 9.7, $300; 6. Stran Smith, 9.8, $167. Second round: 1. Trevor Brazile, 7.6 seconds, $966; 2. (tie) Jake Pratt and Shane Erickson, 8.6, $716 each; 4. Tuf Cooper, 8.7, $466; 5. Kass Kayser, 8.8, $300; 6. Clint Cooper, 9.2, $167. Average: 1. Tuf Cooper, 17.0 seconds on two head, $1,449; 2. Shane Erickson, 17.6, $1,199; 3. Jake Pratt, 18.7, $949; 4. Trevor Brazile, 18.9, $699; 5. Stran Smith, 19.3, $450; 6. Jared Ferguson, 19.8, $250.

Barrel racing — 1. Samantha Lyne, 17.32 seconds, $2,072; 2. Tami Semas, 17.39, $1,761; 3. Berna Haberman, 17.46, $1,450; 4. Brenda Mays, 17.48, $1,243; 5. Wendy Weems, 17.51, $1,036; 6. Kathy Grimes, 17.57, $725; 7. Callahan Crossley, 17.66, $518; 8. (tie) Katie Davis, Kara Philippi and Danna Stovner, 17.67, $363 each; 11. Torri Longgood, 17.68, $259; 12. Carman Pozzobon, 17.71, $207.

Steer roping — First round: 1. Garrett Hale, 13.2 seconds, $1,096; 2. Kyle Moos, 13.4, $822; 3. Dave Clark, 15.2, $548; 4. Mike Beers, 16.1, $274. Second round: 1. Rod Hartness, 11.7 seconds, $1,096; 2. Trevor Brazile, 12.3, $822; 3. Jess Tierney, 12.4, $548; 4. Dave Inman, 13.6, $274. Average: 1. Corey Ross, 36.0 seconds on two head, $1,644; 2. Mike Beers, 42.0, $1,233; 3. Tygh Campbell, 44.5, $822; 4. Rod Hartness, 11.7, $411.

Bull riding — 1. Casey White , 83 points on Corey & Lange Rodeo’s Hall Pass, $1,979; 2. Allen Helmuth, 80, $1,499; 3. Beau Hill, 78, $1,080; 4. Cody Brixey, 73, $720; 5. Derek Kolbaba, 70, $420; 6. Chris Roundy, 67, $300.

Total payoff — $93,898.

Stock contractor — Flying Diamond Rodeo. Sub-contractor: Corey & Lange Rodeo.

Rodeo secretary — Edie Longfellow.

Officials — Monty Van Komen and Rod Endicott.

Timers — Stacy Dowton and Sindy Jackson.

Announcers — Curt Robinson and Marty Campbell.

Specialty act — John Harrison.

Bullfighters — Donnie Griggs and Darrell Diefenbach.

Clown/barrelman — John Harrison.

Flankman — Mike Corey.

Chute boss — Dan Ackley.

Pickup men — Dave McMichaels and Ricky Shannon.