Race has good turnout with 59 runners and walkers competing over three race distances

LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Bend';s Peter Curran, left, and Prineville's Brandon Brasher run together as they near the halfway point of the 20-mile Xtreme Dam Run. Curran pulled away in the second half to win in a time of 2:10.23. The 2018 Xtreme Dam Run saw some fierce competition, and a huge increase in participants from the last couple of years.

With runners competing at three race distances Sunday prior to the Super Bowl, 59 runners and walkers finished their respective distances.

After running in snow a year ago, Sunday's race was in nearly perfect weather, as temperatures reached into the 50s by race end, and there was no wind on the course.

In the featured 20-mile race, Bend's Peter Curran pulled away from Prineville's Brandon Brasher in the final 10 miles to win, going away with a time of 2:10.23.

Brasher, who was running side-by-side with Curran prior to stopping at a water station at the half-way point, was never able to get back in contact with the Bend runner and finished with a time of 2:17.58.

Tilden McDonald Jr., of Warm Springs, was a distant third with a time of 2:34.39.

Eight runners finished the 20-mile race, with Prineville's James Blanchard finishing last with a time of 3:13:34.

For the first time in recent memory, no women competed at the 20-mile distance.

Averaging just over a six-minute mile pace, Prineville's Stephen Snazuk took an early lead in the 10-mile race and won in convincing fashion with a time of just 1:00:50.

Aaron Heskett, also of Prineville, was second with a time of 1:13:55.

Redmond's Jeanette Groesz was the first woman finisher, and third place overall with a time of 1:19:36, while Prineville's Larry Seymour was fourth in 1:20:15.

A total of 21 runners elected to run the 10-mile distance with Bradley Beardsley, of Prineville, finishing last in 2:04:55.

In the closest race of the day, Bend's Joel Vergona edged fellow Bendite Curt Gibson to take first in the 5K race. Vergona finished in a time of 19:50, while Gibson's time was 20:31.

Jason Townsend, also of Bend, was third in 20:48. Bend's Colleen Peterson was the first woman finisher, taking sixth overall with a time of 23:16.

Ted Sholin, of Prineville, was the final finisher, taking 30th place with a time of 1:14:08.

Xtreme Dam Run

Sunday, February 4

5K results — 1. Joel Vergona, Bend, 19:50. 2. Curt Gibson, Bend, 20:31. 3. Jason Townsend, Bend, 20:48. 4. Seth Reno, Prineville, 23:05. 5. Chris Vergona, Bend, 23:15. 6. Colleen Peterson, Bend, 23:16. 7. Rod Thompson, Bend, 24:13. 8. Amber Blanchard, Prineville, 27:03. 9. Lane Powell, Bend, 28:04. 10. Walt Carter, Prineville, 29:50. 11. Larry Smith, Prineville, 29:50. 12. Brian Luther, Prineville, 30:30. 13. Ty Dunaway, Prineville, 30:43. 14. Dan Edwards, Redmond, 30:44. 15. Bonnie Davy, Prineville, 32:08. 16. Shannon Brasher, Prineville, 32:43. 17. Jennifer Smith, Bend, 33:54. 18. Amber Hugie, Prineville, 34:13. 19. Tera Rozewski, Prineville, 35:26. 20. Diana Cole, Prineville, 37:30. 21. Ron Anderson, Portland, 38:05. 22. Bob Troutner, Prineville, 38:44. 23. Tanya Towne, Redmond, 47:28. 24. Diane Hayes, Prineville, 48:55. 25. Kaylee Weygandt, Prineville, 52:58. 26. Alyssa Hollie, Prineville, 52:59. 27. Katrina Standley, Prineville, 53:03. 28. Branson May, Prineville, 1:13:47. 29. Michael Warren, Prineville, 1:13:46. 30. Ted Sholin, Prineville, 1:14:08.

10-mile results — 1. Stephen Snazuk, Prineville, 1:00.50. 2. Aaron Heskett, Prineville, 1:13.55. 3. Jeanette Groesz, Redmond, 1:19.36. 4. Larry Seymour, Prineville, 1:20.15. 5. Kristy Hall, La Pine, 1:20:23. 6. Seth Warner, Stateline, Nevada, 1:25:37. 7. Maureen Schlerf, Bend, 1:26:08. 8. Jane Cleavenger, Bend, 1:26:47. 9. Jason Crafton, Prineville, 1:27:22. 10. Niki Crafton, Prineville, 1:27:22. 11. Kurt Buckley-Noonan, Redmond, 1:31:22. 12. Stacy Lunch, Bend, 1:33:01. 13. Christine Meier, Madras, 1:33:43. 14. Lucas Pagano, Madras, 1:33:44. 15. Ed Weiland, Bend, 1:35:40. 16. Jeremy Howell, Bend, 1:35:50. 17. Melissa Little, Prineville, 1:38:09. 18. Ted Stoller, Redmond, 1:46:35. 19. Jullian Denney, Prineville, 1:49:10. 20. Karin Sallee, Powell Butte, 1:49:11. 21. Bradley Beardsley, Prineville, 2:04:55.

20-mile results — 1. Peter Curran, Bend, 2:10.23. 2. Brandon Brasher, Prineville, 2:17.58. 3. Tilden McDonald Jr., Warm Springs, 2:34.39. 4. Levi Nichols, Prineville, 2:44.15. 5. Mark Schongalla, Madras, 2:44.38. 6. Scott Abrams, Bend, 2:55.23. 7. Robert Towne, Redmond, 2:58.58. 8. James Blanchard, Prineville, 3:13.34.

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