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SITE PLAN ON FILE WITH CLACKAMAS COUNTY - The proposed 72-lot subdivision would clear more than 300 trees and raze all the buildings on the evangelical property.
August 26, 2015

Letter: Destroying our neighborhoods isn't progress

by The Clackamas Review
You do not need to be a professional planner to understand that the our neighborhoods are being sacrificed for infill development that has dire consequences. Increased population and higher…
August 26, 2015

MY VIEW: Get ready for election show business

by Adam Davis
Did the Oregon Legislature meet this year? Many Oregonians would say, “I think so, but I’m not sure.” They’ve been taking place, those meetings conducted by political party operatives and big…
August 26, 2015

It's a new party, but where does it stand?

by Editorial Board
Voter confusion may have helped the Independent Party of Oregon get where it is today, but going forward, a muddled message will not serve the party well if it is to become a legitimate force in…
August 19, 2015

Voters aren't ready to fall in line

by Editorial board
Are Oregonians just being their cantankerous selves, or is something deeper occurring in their collective psyche? In the same week that a statewide poll showed U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders within…
August 19, 2015

Letters: Thanks a million; urban renewal in OC

by The Clackamas Review
Driving a bus over a million miles without a preventable accident is something I never thought I’d do in my life. And I’m not alone. At least 36 other bus and MAX operators joined TriMet’s…
PHOTO BY: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Oregon City officials acknowledged that they had made a mistake in removing 10 newspaper stands from city streets on July 31, all of which the city returned last week, including this Oregon City News box in front of Singer Hill Cafe.
August 12, 2015

Letters: WWII atomic bombings; Realtors more important than…

by The Clackamas Review
After the removal of the newspaper stands I am not sure if everyone got to read my letter July 29 about the sign tax. Oregon City is going to charge all of us little businesses $172 per sign…
HISTORIC PHOTO - Jennings Lodge Campground education building and Fiesen Chapel pictured in the mid-20th century.
August 12, 2015

Sad ending for Jennings Lodge property?

by Lisa Bentley
In 1903 the community of Jennings Lodge was a gleam in Addie Jennings Hodgkin’s eye. True, there had been an interurban stop there since 1893 but other than Jennings family members, the area was…
August 05, 2015

Letters: Jennings Lodge's worst case scenario; OCSD bus barn;…

by The Clackamas Review
I fully agree and endorse the statements which Karen Bjorklund made in her opinion piece in the Review on July 22. I have lived in Jennings Lodge for 21 years, a “newcomer” in comparison to some…
July 29, 2015

Letters: Oak Grove lighting; good samaritans; Milwaukie boat…

by The Clackamas Review
My business partner, Dan Baldwin and I own and operate Olson Brothers Tire Factory, Automotive Services and Towing in Clackamas County located at 14115 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd. The property is…
FILE PHOTO - Canine Officer Shaka and Milwaukie Police Officer Billy Wells.
July 29, 2015

Thanks for helping make Milwaukie's 9K for K9 Walk a success

by Dave Hedges
The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation (MPSF) held its annual 9K for K9 Walk on July 11. We would like to thank all our sponsors, donors and walkers for their generosity which helped to make…

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Jul 22, 2015

Finally, retirement is knocking on the door along with many…

by Mikel Kelly
David Letterman’s done it. So has Bob Schieffer. Much to my chagrin, Gary Larson, creator of “The Far Side,” did it years ago, before he had any business doing it. And the surviving members of…
Jul 22, 2015

Letters: Clackamas Service Center thankful; Exceed Enterprises…

by The Clackamas Review
The Clackamas Service Center, a community based non-profit whose main mission is to help alleviate food insecurity among those who are unsheltered and those on fixed and low incomes, was…
PRELIMINARY SITE PLAN SUBMITTED TO CLACKAMAS COUNTY - The proposed 72-lot subdivision would clear more than 300 trees and raze all the buildings on the evangelical property.
Jul 22, 2015

Jennings Lodge neighbors prepare for hearing on proposed 72-lot…

by Karen Bjorklund
On July 28, the Jennings Lodge Community Planning Organization (CPO) wants to bring together all interested community residents to prepare responses for the August public hearing on the proposal…
Jul 15, 2015

My View: Now that pot's legal: A transition, and a big…

by Ann Lininger
Late last month, state Rep. Andy Olson, Rep. Carl Wilson and I brought two cannabis bills to a vote in the Oregon House: House Bill 3400 helps implement voters’ decision to legalize adult use of…
Jul 15, 2015

The Supremes take the 'gay' out of marriage

by John Schrag
In the occasional journalism class I teach at Pacific University, some of my students treat adjectives like cheap salt, using them to spice up (and often over-season) their sentences. I advocate…
Jul 08, 2015

Our Opinion: TriMet tax hike won't be too painful

by Editorial Board
Business people don’t cheer wildly when TriMet talks about increasing taxes on their companies. However, in the case of a TriMet payroll tax hike now being contemplated, they at least can be…
FILE PHOTO - As reported last week in 'Recreational marijuana due for rocky rollout?' marijuana seeds were given away free July 1 in Clackamas to celebrate the legalization of the drug in Oregon. They were grown in the 'Bloom Room' of Mike Mullins and Jenifer Valley's small operation just east of Interstate 205 in unincorporated Clackamas County.
Jul 08, 2015

Letter to the editor: Legal marijuana presents new challenges

by The Clackamas Review
In Oregon we ended the failed prohibition of marijuana and will very soon be regulating and taxing the adult use of marijuana along the supply chain from growth to consumption. For years, Oregon…
Jul 08, 2015

Shorter life expectancies for our kids?Not we if build them more…

by Nicole Perry
May was Walk and Bike to School Month, but many kids can’t participate because they do not have a safe route to our school. This is a big problem. As moms and PTA leaders at Linwood Elementary…
Jul 07, 2015

Editor's note: City Manager David Frasher responds to J. Michael…

by Raymond Rendleman
In an address to City Commission last week about J. Michael Read’s Community Soapbox titled “We need Tri-City sewer issue resolved, not escalated,” Oregon City Manager David Frasher agreed with…
Jul 01, 2015

Show proper respect for graduates

by The Clackamas Review
My family and I attended a recent graduation, and while proud of the graduates’ achievements, I was not so proud of the audience. Out of consideration for future graduates, I feel it important…

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