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September 17, 2014

Letters: CCC Bond; GPD accreditation; no marijauna; candidates…

by The Clackamas Review
While Washington and Multnomah counties have more than made up for the jobs lost in the worst recession experienced since the Great Depression, Clackamas County has not yet done so. It is…
Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Celebrating the installation of the markers are Morry and Carolyn Arntson of Waverley Country Club (front); Karen and Randy Fletcher, representing the Sons of Veterans of the Civil War (center); City Councilor Dave Hedges (back).
September 17, 2014

Pioneer Cemetery gets Civil War veteran markers

by Dolly Macken-Hambright
Thanks to Waverley Country Club, the Sons of Veterans of the Civil War and the volunteers who not only did huge amounts of research, they also tirelessly engaged in signature collecting to…
September 17, 2014

CCC's $90M bond measure would improve learning opportunities at…

by Greg Chaimov
When Marissa Powell graduated from high school in 2009, she had already earned 94 college credits at Clackamas Community College. She was nearly halfway toward her bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M…
September 17, 2014

Let's not allow a developer to take advantage of OC

by Kathy Roth
I would like to respond to Mr. Fred Bruning’s Community Soapbox editorial (“Setting the record straight on Cabela’s project history,” Sept. 10). I can agree with one statement in Mr. Bruning’s…
September 10, 2014

CCC bond measure is well-planned and necessary

by Jeanne Magmer
I am supporting the Clackamas Community College bond measure in November for the following reasons: · It’s a good plan based on what our community wants from its college. · It adds classrooms…
September 10, 2014

Setting the record straight on Cabela's project history

by Fred Bruning
I thought I would write down my thoughts about Oregon City Commissioner Kathy Roth’s position regarding the Rivers regional mixed-use project with a hotel, entertainment and office component…
September 10, 2014

It's time to prepare your family for a major disaster

by Linda Hedges
Imagine it’s a weekday morning. Children are in school, hundreds of thousands of our neighbors are at work around the metro area. Suddenly there is a sharp jolt and a loud roar. And then…
September 03, 2014

Letters: Election endorsements; pro-life or pro-birth?

by The Clackamas Review
We have Cover Oregon, an unmitigated disaster, the Department of Health and Human Services online fiasco, the Columbia River Crossing bridge to nowhere, the rerouting of U.S. Highway 20 $150…
Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTOS - Karen Rees is proud of herself after taking classes and consulting with experts at the East Side Athletic Club.
September 03, 2014

East Side Athletic Club thanked as life-changing

by Karen Rees
In October of 2013 I was obese, inactive and the definition of unhealthy. To be honest, inactive does not even come close to an accurate description. My roommates gave me a nickname; they called…
September 03, 2014

Damascus should heed warning of land-use planning forefathers

by Les Poole
I was one of the hundreds who recently attended the “Day in Damascus” festival. Late in the afternoon I took a moment to glance across the crowd, looking for signs of the division that has…

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Photo Credit: PHOTO COURTESY: CLACKAMAS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - 1892: 1883 grain elevator and 1880 wheat warehouse (with inclining flour conveyor); Imperial Mills.
Aug 27, 2014

From grain elevator to sulphite mill: The transformation of OC's…

by James Nicita
Commentary on the Willamette Falls Legacy Project - (Second of a two-part history of Mill C. For Part 1, see “Mill’s riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” Aug. 5.) In its first-ever…
Aug 20, 2014

Letters: County should pay its share for OC services; abortion…

by The Clackamas Review
It is expensive for Oregon City to be the county seat of Clackamas County. The dominating presence of Clackamas County brings lots of people to Oregon City on a daily basis, requiring Oregon…
Aug 20, 2014

District unnecessarily raises sewer rates

by Doug Neeley
On June 11, the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, as the governing body of Tri-City Service District, filed a lawsuit against Oregon City challenging the city’s Right of Way Usage Fee.…
Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Carson McVay, a resident of Oregon City and a biologist with the Warm Springs Tribe, is participating in a study to measure the abundance of Pacific Lamprey passing Willamette Falls.
Aug 20, 2014

These wriggly leech-like creatures not parasitic

by Katheyn Kostow
Pacific lampreys are passing over Willamette Falls this month, and are entering streams near you. Lampreys are like nothing else you’ll ever see. Lampreys are a unique class of ancient animals…
Aug 13, 2014

Letters: Hobby Lobby decision; CCC Bond; canine fundraiser

by The Clackamas Review
I am pro-choice. The soapbox piece, “High court ruling infringes on women’s rights,” July 23, is a bold statement that I find at odds with the actual ruling which is quite narrow in scope. What…
Photo Credit: PHOTO COURTESY: OREGON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Late 1864 or early 1865 photo of the new Oregon City Woolen Mills, and the Imperial Mills, just before construction of the steamboat basin. Planked water flume in foreground leads from Willamette Falls to Imperial Mills. Elevated ramp in rear of Imperial Mills leading down to Woolen Mills is likely the Canemah horse railroad. McLoughlin House is opposite Woolen Mills tower.
Aug 13, 2014

'The most magnificent festivity ever witnessed'

by James Nicita
Blue Heron Beginnings: Commentary on the Willamette Falls Legacy Project - As the momentum of the Willamette Falls Legacy Project builds with the announcement of the Planning Commission hearings…
Aug 13, 2014

Should public property be transferred without payment?

by John Williams
Ed Allick and I were having a “senior” coffee the other day, when a rather irate Oregon City citizen sat down at a table next to us and said loudly, “Why do we have to pay twice?” Ed, a…
Aug 06, 2014

Letters: Support CCC bond measure; spay/neuter feral cats

by (none)
The November election will include a bond measure for Clackamas Community College. The CCC Board of Education referred the measure to the ballot at a special meeting last month. Our board…
Photo Credit: PHOTO BY: JAMES NICITA - After 131 years, Mill C has retained its basic form of a taller north half and a shorter south half.
Aug 05, 2014

Mill's riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

by James Nicita
Blue Heron Beginnings: Commentary on the Willamette Falls Legacy Project - In the riveting view from the McLoughlin Promenade down into the Blue Heron site, a particular building looms…
Photo Credit: TRIBUNE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Oregon State Park Rangers Lauren Sinclair and Guy Rodrique talk about the original Vortex Festival, held at Milo McIver State Park in August 1970. A retrospective of the event is planned Saturday, Aug. 9 at the Estacada-area park.
Aug 06, 2014

Back in the Vortex groove

by Shasta Kearns Moore
It’s a story that is too strange to be fiction. A Republican governor and several conservative Portland business owners organized and funded one of the largest rock festivals in American…

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