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Building a safer home with Budget Blinds

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BUDGET BLINDS - Craig and JodieKeeping your children and pets safe is a daily task. Among the many precautions homeowners must take, however, window coverings are often overlooked. The danger of dangling cords to an adult is virtually zero, but to small children and pets, dangling cords can be perceived as hidden toys.

When you consider that an average of one child per month dies from window cord strangulation, you understand just how important having child safe window treatments is. That's why Budget Blinds is committed to offering a full range of window treatments that are child safe.

Budget Blinds offers the latest in motorized window coverings and cordless lift options in all the latest styles, keeping dangerous, dangling cords out of the reach of your children AND your furry friends. We are committed to finding ways to improve safety features in all of our window coverings, all without stifling your design creativity.

With Budget Blinds, you can enjoy both completely safe and totally fashionable window coverings in every room of your home! With our FREE, in-home consultation, you'll be able to see samples, check out design guides, and work with a Budget Blinds Style consultant to make sure your new window coverings have all the safety features that are important to you.

To learn more about Budget Blinds' commitment to child safety, call Budget Blinds Serving East Portland today at (503) 590-4333 to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

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