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Fat-burning supplements are a myth. Healthy living isn't.

Brought to you by Larry Wilcox - Max Muscle - Nutrition Counseling INSIDER -

Larry Wilcox, Max MuscleNutrition Counseling INSIDER Larry Wilcox gets many customers who walk into Max Muscle and inquire if he sells fat-burning supplements. He does have a few, but fat burners are just going to perpetuate the problem. "We are calorie-burning machines," Larry says. "When you stop eating and lose muscle mass, you turn the machine off. Your body starts conserving fat because you're starving."

Instead, Larry educates customers on the foundations of eating well. If you're a walk-in customer, the road to better health can start right in the store with a complimentary Cocktail, a combination of water, glutamine, vitamin supplements, power greens and essential omegas that will provide you with six servings of fruits and vegetables, fish oil and all the vitamins that your body needs to fight off inflammation and free radical damage for the rest of the day.

Eating small, balanced meals every three hours will prevent your body from going into famine mode and burning muscle instead of precious fat. Small, frequent meals also prevent you from overeating, or feeling that notorious daily late-afternoon slump, because your blood sugar will stay stable instead of spiking and crashing.

But if you don't have the time or inclination to prepare five meals of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, fish and good carbs, Max Muscle has you covered. "We have solutions for real peoples' lifestyles," says Larry. For the month of April, mention the INSIDER article and get 20% off the Cocktail! Jump-start your metabolism and visit Max Muscle today!

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