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Brought to you by Larry Wilcox - Max Muscle - Nutrition Counseling INSIDER -

Larry Wilcox, Max MuscleIf you are just starting to get serious about improving your health and fitness, it's not enough to buy a scale. Many of us are used to tracking our weight, or even our Body Mass Index (BMI), which is our height to weight ratio. But those numbers can be misleading. A fit and athletic college basketball forward at a height of 6'8" and a weight of 250 pounds would be classified as "overweight" with a BMI of 27.5, while a deskbound office worker with a normal BMI who doesn't have the time to exercise may have many undiagnosed health conditions.

Max Muscle Oregon City is proud to offer the InBody body composition analysis, available to all customers at Max Muscle! InBody takes your weight and measures three other metrics using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). The InBody sends a small current through your body's water to measure the opposition of that current and in minutes, you will have a printout measuring your body water, your dry lean mass, your body fat mass, and your lean body mass.

Each analysis costs $15; you can also opt for a package of five scans at $60. Nutrition Counseling INSIDER Larry Wilcox will help you interpret your results and identify future steps. You can't improve your ratio of lean muscle to body fat if you don't know what it is. Kickstart your spring fitness regimen with a body composition analysis and Larry's Cocktail—a combination of water, glutamine, vitamin supplements, power greens and essential omegas—today!

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