Clackamas Community College partnered with Oregon City-based SuperGenius game art production studio to pioneer high-tech motion capture technology classes this winter term. It’s the kind of technology that’s used in leading video game studios, Hollywood blockbusters like “Avatar” and legendary digital effects studios like Lucasfilm.

Andy Mingo, director of the program, demonstrated the new technology at the Governor’s Office of Film and Television end-of-year party Thursday, Dec. 5. Dancers and martial artists “suited up” in the motion capture — or “mocap” as it’s known in the industry — gear while cameras filmed the actors interacting with animated avatars.

With the help of Public, Educational and Government cable franchise fees, CCC is in the process of purchasing a motion capture system that will be the first of its kind in the state.

“It’s been a long process, but we’re very excited to get it up and running,” Mingo said. “It will be a huge leap forward.”

The motion capture technology at CCC will provide the training and equipment to support the state’s growing movie, gaming and animation industry. Technology is driving changes in the way these media are produced, distributed and viewed. Adapting to these changing technologies is important to continued growth in the industry sector in Oregon, according to Vince Porter, of the Governor’s Office of Film and Television.

In Oregon, companies that need motion capture technology have been turning to California or the Seattle area. The new technology at CCC will change that, Porter said.

“Andy and his team saw an opportunity, and the community made the investment to make it a training program for future workers,” Porter said.

CCC started its program five years ago as the creative services industry in the Portland area was taking off.

The Motion Capture class is a project-based course that will prepare students to work in the field of motion capture. SuperGenius has partnered with the program initially in an instructional and advisory capacity, and has helped develop the appropriate curriculum for technologies such as motion capture.

SuperGenius CEO Paul Culp said, “Both CCC and SuperGenius share the same goal of boosting the high tech, creative industry here in Oregon City, through a combination of education and jobs. The motion capture studio and course is a perfect conduit for this.”

For more information about motion capture technology at CCC, contact Andy Mingo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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