Skidmore is playing a free 7 p.m. show March 22 at the Wild Hare Saloon in Oregon City

Amsterdam by way of San Diego-based indie singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore is excited to announce the release of her latest full-length album, "The Golden West." It will be available nationally Friday, April 7.

Skidmore is touring in support of the album, recorded at Ninkasi Studios in Eugene, and is playing a free 7 p.m. show March 22 at the Wild Hare Saloon, 1656 Beavercreek Road, in Oregon City. "The Golden West" is her 20th independent release and her third to feature an adult coloring book with the album, each picture depicting a different song.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Gayle Skidmore's album 'The Golden West' album includes the 10 songs' lyrics, a story about each song, and an original piece of art, illustrated by Skidmore, for listeners to color. "Everyone who was involved in the project brought their best, and I feel like they all caught the vision of what it could be. It is entirely different from what I thought it would be when we started recording a year and a half ago, but at the same time it's exactly what I hoped for," Skidmore said.

A highlight for her is guest Dave Catching playing guitar on "Only Ever You."

"I'm such a fan of [Eagles of Death Metal], and I'm really grateful to Dave for bringing us out to his studio," she said. "It was a dream come true, and I'm grateful to Ninkasi Brewing for making it happen."

When asked to describe the record, Skidmore said, "It's whimsical, melancholic music for the romantic intellectual."

She decided to title the record "The Golden West" to document her move from California to Amsterdam, where her fiance lived.

"On my tour to Eugene to begin recording, I penned the chorus to a song I'd been working on while the sun set on the old mining town of Sonora, California. I knew immediately that this would be my single and title track for my upcoming album," Skidmore said.

She added that the lyrics, "Let's bury all we put to rest in the golden west," captured the spirit of the record: "Since I was contemplating a move to Amsterdam at the time, it seemed only fitting that this album about letting go would be titled after the song that talked directly about leaving California."

With the record done and set for release, Skidmore reflects on her music career leading up to this point. She said she's letting go of expectations and pressure she puts on herself, helping to make "The Golden West" the album she wanted to make; pure, honest and 100 percent her. She didn't make a record to impress others or to make her a "star." She made a record to help her soul, and hopefully others.

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