'Storytelling at Twilight III' is part of the Ledding Library's Cultural Forum series at 7:30 p.m. July 20, at 10660 S.E. 21st Ave., Milwaukie.

Fans of science fiction, fantasy and suspense will find something of interest in The Pulp Stage's upcoming "Storytelling at Twilight III," said Matt Haynes, founder and artistic director of the Portland-based company that presents bare-bones readers' theater.

PHOTO BY KELLE KORPI - Practicing before The Pulp Stage presentation last year are cast members Jacob Lee Smith and Katy Philp. The group specializes in "literary theater," he added, calling it a "very user-friendly format" similar to campfire storytelling or radio theater, but without sound effects.

"Storytelling at Twilight III" is part of the Ledding Library's Cultural Forum series. It will take place at 7:30 p.m. July 20 in the library, at 10660 S.E. 21st Ave., Milwaukie.

Attendees will see four short plays that represent the "best comic hits of the season," Haynes said. "We test-drive our new pieces at O'Connor's in Multnomah Village in March, April and May. When we pick pieces for the Cultural Forum, we choose ones that pack a comedy punch to keep an audience engaged."

PHOTO BY KELLE KORPI - Matt Haynes, left, founder and artistic director of The Pulp Stage, chats with a fan at last year's event at the Ledding Library. "Princess Talia's Dowry," is a "charming, quirky fairy tale, and when we were reading it in our reading committee, it put a big, old smile on our faces," Haynes said.

The play is about the adventures of a dim-witted prince who must earn enough money to marry a princess. This particular piece will be in The Pulp Stage's first e-book, to be released this fall, Haynes said.

The author, Massachusetts resident Greg Lam, wrote the play during a 24-hour playwriting festival.

A young girl writes a fan letter to the moon in "Dear Ms Moon," by Seattle author Liz Argall.

She asks that the moon's gravitational pull be a bit stronger, because her brother likes to jump off the roof in a Wonder Woman costume, Haynes said.

This piece also will be in the e-book.

"The Marvelous Adventures of Mark Manning," by New York author Matt Kerstetter, is a superhero comedy, but "beneath that is an intense, relatable story of a troubled marriage," Haynes said.

In "Just Desserts," by Michigan resident David McGregor, the audience "can relate to the murderous revenge plot against a co-worker who is stealing food from the breakroom fridge."

"David wrote 'Antichrist Cometh,' a big hit for us in 2016. His plays seem to have a magic quality to generate laughs," Haynes said.

This is The Pulp Stage's third visit to the Ledding Cultural Forum.

"They are such a welcoming organization; we feel so appreciated," Haynes said. "The library folks are incredibly helpful, setting up the space for us so we can just walk in and do our thing. We get really good crowds, new fans and new collaborators."

Live theater

What: Ledding Cultural Forum presents The Pulp Stage's

"Storytelling at Twilight III"

When: 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, July 20

Where: Ledding Library, 10660 S.E. 21st Ave.,


Details: The show, consisting of four short plays, runs under an hour and is best for those over age 13. Free.


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