Jason Coles seeks funding through

by: JOHN DENNY - Jason Coles is seeking funding through for a new app that he says can improve every golfers game, from novice to professional.Jason Coles, the tournament coordinator at Stone Creek Golf Club, is developing an app for mobile devises that he believes will help golfers improve their game.

He calls it the Shot Caddy and he is seeking funding for his new business, Shot Caddy Inc., through

“I want to help people improve their game,” Coles says. “It’s helped me and I think it could help a lot of people.... I’ve come up with the concept and I’ve connected with some programmers.”

A 2-handicap golfer, Coles says that through the Shot Caddy app, he believes golfers of “all abilities” will be able to improve their game.

Golfers will input yardages of all their clubs in the app, noting such variables as length and strength of swing, shorter or longer grip, open or closed stance, position of ball in stance, etc.

Golfers input the information on the practice range and pull it up and use it during play.

“Experts could use it, and it could benefit beginners as well,” Coles says.

He came up with the idea while entering his own club ranges on a spread sheet. When he searched the internet to see if someone had come up with an app where he could input his information, he says he found none.

Coles says he needs an investment of $16,500 on by June 29 in order to get the Shot Caddy app developed. He is hopeful he can have the app ready for release by October of this year.

Down the road, Coles anticipates developing a blog and website for helping people use the app. He is also looking into partnering with area driving ranges.

“Fewer people are playing golf every day,” said Coles. “Hopefully, changing the game through technology can make the game more popular and keep it going strong.”

Coles is seeking pledges ranging from $1 to $1,000 or more on Kickstarter. Those pledging just $5 will receive the Shot Caddy app upon its release.

A pledge of $25 will get the contributor “the app, the Shot Caddy Target Frisbee, access to the programming blog, 25 votes on future enhancements, and credit on the website founders page.”

To make a pledge or learn more about the proposed app, Coles suggests people search “shot caddy at,” or they may go directly to the internet link at:

Coles may be reached through his cell phone at 1-503-841-9322, or through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Coles says of his reason for posting his project on “I don’t want to build this app unless people think it will be valuable. By supporting the Shot Caddy project you will give me the feedback needed to move forward and start programming and bring what I think could be a valuable tool to every golfer.”

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