I have had a long-term involvement into Oregon and Southwest Washington transportation issues and was on the Clackamas County Citizens Transportation Committee that developed our new 20-year countywide Transportation Systems Plan.

The Columbia River Crossing plan to replace the I-5 bridge is a killer for Clackamas County, as it earmarks the next 20 years of all regional federal transportation dollars coming to our region for this one project. Our critical investment needs will only get a few crumbs in those federal dollars.

Widening of the I-205 corridor from Stafford interchange through West Linn and across the Abernathy Bridge into

Oregon City is a prime example. This critical choke point affects economic development and creation of new jobs in our county and Oregon City, my hometown. The congestion that is found or created in this choke point in the I-205 corridor directly causes the redirecting commercial traffic and business investment away from our area. We need more new local jobs, and that means having a business friendly transportation environment, and that does not exist with our critical I-205 corridor at the current congestion level.

We are investing into a new Sunrise Corridor through the Clackamas Industrial Area, and without the added capacity on the I-205 corridor, it will not be able to achieve its full potential.

With a CRC project that solves virtually nothing, we will never get the funding resources needed and the prioritization to fix most of the critical statewide transportation shortcomings.

Please help get the word out on this. We need to make sure the CRC project is killed and killed forever.

Paul Edgar

Oregon City

Readers should skip remaining letters

Jeff Molinari’s letter of Aug. 28 assumes facts not supported by evidence. He stated he thought “everyone can agree that the Interstate 5 bridge needs replacing.” Not so fast. Even ODOT said in 2005 that the bridge was good for another 60 years.

He continues with a suggestion that a bridge across the Columbia River that cost a mere $3.6 million “would be more effective” at moving traffic. That amount might be enough to pay for a zip line across the river. A tourist attraction across the river would not be “more effective” at moving traffic.

The problem with the CRC is not light rail, or any form of robust mass transit that is sorely needed between Vancouver and Portland. The problem is with the enormous cost of building and maintaining a bridge that has many more lanes than the current one.

The amount of traffic over the current bridge has leveled off in recent years. Part of the reason for this is driving is the most expensive form of transportation ever devised. A growing number of people need alternatives to get to work because they cannot afford to drive. More lanes do not solve that problem.

Readers of these pages would be well advised to skip over Mr. Molinari’s letters on light rail in the future. They add nothing to the discussion.

David Jorling

Lake Oswego

I’ll keep writing

In response to John Robinson’s letter to the editor of Sept. 18: He states, and I quote, “While the rest of us are living, paying taxes, etc. the Jeff Molinaris of the world are sitting around writing editorials.”

What has he been putting in his Kool-Aid? We all are living, paying taxes, etc. He says that I tout Ludlow and Smith as open to the voter, yet only Paul Savas has a personal email. John and Tootie can be contacted by either phone or email through the county. All you have to do is go to the Clackamas County website. John and Tootie were elected because the majority of Clackamas County voters want change. If the other members of the board don’t want to support John and Tootie, and this includes Paul, then they are probably committing political suicide. If Mr. Robinson doesn’t want to support John and Tootie, well, he has that right. Although, he must not like change.

The people who keep responding to my letters are the same people who supported the previous commissioners who lost the election. The commissioners who thumbed their noses at the voters and voted according to the way their campaign contributors urged them to. This county belongs to all of us, and all we want is to have our money spent wisely.

As far as his comment, that we don’t want to deal with anyone unless they agree with us, is way out of line. Compromise is always the best way to go, through discussions. The best way for an elected official to keep their job is to listen to the people, then vote with the majority of the people, not the campaign contributors. Mr. Robinson must be one of those campaign contributors, or he works for one.

Oh, and as long as people like the John Robinsons of the world keep responding to my letters, I will keep writing them.

Jeff Molinari


Money can’t buy love

To my surprise, the Review has continued to aid and abet the expansion of the Molinari Fact-Free Zone, including his tired taunt about the contents of my Kool-Aid. (I favor beer.)

When some folks run out of evidence and ideas — or have none to begin with — they resort to defamation of character. It’s to be expected.

Rather than contest every fantasy in Mr. Moinari’s rant, let me deal with his last one: “We need more people on the BCC like John and Tootie . . . by no means will they allow any campaign contributors [to] dictate our future.”

Really? Does it tell you anything that Nevada resident Loren Parks and “King of Clackistan” Andrew Miller spent over $200,000 on Ludlow alone?

Money put them in office, but I doubt it will be enough to keep them there.

Gary Duell

Happy Valley

Libel means penalty

From the pen of Jeff Molinari in response to an opinion letter authored by Mr. Gary Duell of Happy Valley, “I have to wonder what he [Mr. Duell] has been adding to his kool aid.” Had Mr. Molinari read the Kool-Aid packaging, he’d be aware that you don’t have to add anything.

Multiple letters published, and Mr. Molinari still uses voters and taxpayers out of context. Eighteen-year-olds have the right to vote in Oregon, but that doesn’t make them taxpayers. Taxpayers have to do with taxes and voters have to do with the franchise. Moving away from Kool Aid and to “there’s proof-in-the-pudding.”

Mr. Molinari, in an accusatory form, writes that the previous commissioners, “made their decisions based on their campaign contributions.” Under Oregon state law, this is a criminal offense; so also, is slander! Our courts of law could say to these accusations by Mr. Molinari “put up or shut up,” and here’s the penalty for not considering the consequences of being wrong.

Finally; from Mr. Molinari, “Mr. Duell, you sir, need to go back to the drawing board.” Given the research that went into Mr. Duell’s letter to the editor, I have to conclude that, save for Google research, he never left said “drawing board.”

D. Kent Lloyd


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