I want to give a public thank you to Town and Country Gladstone Honda for going out of their way to help Wendy Libke with something they had absolutely no benefit from doing. The car industry does not have the best reputation and we were surprised when a local dealer stepped up to the plate.

As the rest of the community moves on and goes about their lives, Wendy Libke and her daughter Ziva are still in the process of learning what life looks like with Rob being gone. Like many families, Rob and Wendy had two vehicles and two car payments. Wendy’s car was leased, and they were making payments on Rob’s truck. As we were working to help her sell the truck because she simply can no longer afford both payments, something became clear. It was very important to her to keep and drive Rob’s truck — for whatever reason, driving it helps Wendy get through each day. She feels safe knowing Rob’s big truck is around her and Ziva. She did not want to sell it.

We decided that we would try to help get Wendy out of her lease, which was much more difficult. An attorney tried to work with Volkswagen on Wendy’s behalf, to no avail. I personally went to the dealership where Wendy and Rob leased the vehicle, explained the situation and they were no help at all. They basically said, “That is between her and the bank — sorry.” I understand they are in no position requiring them to help; we were looking for a favor.

Out of options, we called somebody who is a vendor (Elite Window Tinting) that does work for us and we knew worked with Gladstone Honda, asking for advice on other options we could research. The person asked for some details and told me he would get back with me. He contacted me after about an hour and said that he and several of his employees were each offering $500, for a total of $2,000, to the dealership to help offset the cost. He told me that he had told the sales manager at Gladstone Honda about all of this and that he would get back to me to see if that would help.

Within a couple of days, I received a call. Hearing what was going on, the dealership had offered to take care of the whole thing. I was blown away. The best part about all of this was calling Wendy and getting to tell her that somebody had again stepped up to help her. I simply cannot communicate how meaningful the help is to the Libke family. I could hear it in her voice: It just makes her smile to know that people are still doing what they can to help.

They bought Wendy out of her lease and are just going to sell the car — all this at a considerable loss of several thousand dollars. This took place July 2. Wendy is doing better each day. It is great to know that of all things, a car dealership helped her — with nothing to gain. On behalf of Wendy Libke and the Oregon City Police Department, I just wanted to say a public “thank you.”

Jim Band is chief of police for Oregon City.

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