New playground equipment installed

by: DARIAN KRIETER - Parents installed new playground equipment at Eagle Creek Elementary over the weekend of Aug. 17.The Clackamas River and Eagle Creek Elementary playgrounds were transformed over the weekend.

At the end of the 2012-13 school year, parent groups at both schools had used savings from years of fundraising to purchase new play structures.

Parents and volunteers spent the weekend installing the equipment.

A team of 15 or so people got the Eagle Creek play structure ready for recess business.

by: JENNY DURAND - Reliance Connects dug holes to install the structure at Clackamas River Elementary.Over at Clackamas River, a group of dads, including Aaron Durand, Kurt Randall, Terry Randall, Tim Shibahara, Tony Zach, Bruce Mills and Chris Schlosser, worked to install the play structure while dozens of volunteers from the community and the Estacada branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints cleaned the school’s yards.

Seth Johnson, Clackamas River Elementary principal, said the volunteers “totally transformed what our grounds look like. It’s the best I’ve seen it since I’ve started working here. It was truly a community effort.”

Subway donated two lunch platters and Figaro’s Pizza offered a discount to the busy volunteers.

Having started Friday night, the Clackamas River dads mostly finished installing the new play structure by afternoon Saturday, Aug. 17.

When a group of parents came by the next morning to check on the structure, they were in for a rude surprise.

Vandals had spray-painted graffiti on the back of the school in several places.

The parent volunteers had put a bike lock on the play structure’s spinner to keep people from using it while the concrete set, but the vandals cut the lock.

Johnson received the unpleasant news late Sunday morning and said he was very concerned when he got the call.

He was relieved to find that the play structure itself was not damaged.

“It’s so very disheartening that it happened though after all our hard work,” wrote Heather Mills, a parent and fourth-grade teacher at Clackamas River.

Johnson said that the graffiti has already been painted over.

The vandals were a nuisance, but they haven’t spoiled the mood.

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