They allege district did not protect girl from students, cyberbullying

The Estacada School District has yet to respond to reports of a lawsuit seeking damages for the alleged cyberbullying of a former Estacada High School student.

The student is suing three classmates, their parents and the Estacada School District for $850,000.

Because the student and her classmates are minors, they are not named in the suit.

The plaintiff’s parents did not return calls for comment.

The suit claims that on Feb. 8, 2012, classmates took photos and videos of a student undressing after gym class.

It wasn’t until she was standing in her underwear that she noticed two classmates were filming and taking pictures of her changing.

The suit alleges that other students told the gym teacher, Sue Schneider, that the girl was being filmed, but Schneider merely told the students to put the phones away and went back to her office.

Once out of sight, the filming and picture-taking resumed, the lawsuit claims.

Another classmate then allegedly approached the girl and confronted her for talking with her ex-boyfriend and slammed her head into a locker.

According to the suit, the girl’s “ears began ringing, her sight became very bright and she blanked out.”

She later sought treatment at Willamette Falls Hospital for her injuries.

The lawsuit claims the student described the incident to Schneider and later to Vice Principal Ryan Carpenter.

“After learning of the assault and the potentially obscene and pornographic pictures, Mr. Ryan Carpenter chose not to confiscate the phones involved nor report this activity to law enforcement and/or other appropriate state or federal agencies,” the suit claims.

According to the suit, the girls who took the photos and video showed them to other people and posted them to social media sites.

The classmate who is accused of assaulting the student was suspended for two days, but, the suit states, no other disciplinary action was taken.

The suit goes on to say the student’s family was forced to remove her from the high school “out of fear for their daughter’s safety, health and life.”

She is now enrolled elsewhere.

According to the suit, she continues to suffer from “acute stress disorder, anxiety and panic attacks, sleeplessness, depression and an alteration of her daily activities and her affective relationships.”

While word of the suit hit the news cycle as early as Tuesday, Feb. 11, Estacada School District Business Manager Donna Cancio said the district had yet to be served with the suit as of Friday, Feb. 14.

“Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our students,” Cancio said in a statement released by the Estacada School District. “At this time, the Estacada School District has not been served with any lawsuit. Therefore, we cannot make any comment.”

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