CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - A young Thomas stands in front of his familys house in Springwater. Thomas family purchased the house in 1969 and experienced many unexplained phenomena, which led them to believe it may have been haunted. They sold the house 10 years later.Thomas was born on Halloween, so it’s an eerie but fitting coincidence he lived in a haunted house for 10 years.

Thomas and his sister, Sherril, who asked to only be identified by their first names, both say they’ve experienced supernatural events while living at a home in the Springwater area that their family purchased in 1969.

Some might have been scared off by such events, but the two live perfectly normal lives in Estacada today.

The 13-room house is still standing, just four miles from Estacada near the Springwater Cemetery.

Out of respect for the home’s current owners, the siblings requested that the Estacada News not print the address of the house, but they shared events from its storied past.

The house was built on the 80-100 acres that originally served as a homestead, where settlers would take a section of the land when they moved to the area in the 1800s.

Eventually, Thomas’ family found a board with a pencil inscription that said the house had been built in the “faul” of 1904.

While living in the house, Thomas recalled talking to a woman who had been born there. He would visit her in a nearby rest home where she resided, and she told him that someone had committed suicide in the house between 1920 and 1930, though she didn’t share any other details about that incident.

By the time Thomas’ family had purchased the three-acre property and house several decades later, much of it was in disrepair. The house’s roof leaked like a sieve, causing rot in most of the walls. Thousands of flies would hatch in an upstairs window of the home.ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND -  Thomas' family wondered if spirits travelled from the Springwater Cemetary, pictured here, to their home.

“It was about ready to fall apart, but it had a good foundation,” Thomas recalled. “We completely renovated the house.”

In spite of the updates the house received, something wasn’t at peace.

“I’m not sure (what kind of supernatural spirit) it was, but there was definitely something there,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ parents and two sisters also noticed out-of-the-ordinary occurrences that may have been caused by an incorporeal or ethereal creature.

Sherril recalled that her sister, Susan, read that spirits traveled in moving water. Because both the house and neighboring cemetery were located along Clear Creek, she suggested there may have been “a drainage problem.”

Much of the activity was centered in Susan’s bedroom. Because of this, she often refused to sleep there.

Thomas remembered one incident where he had friends sleeping over in his bedroom, so he slept in his sister’s room, which was unoccupied at the time. He had been sitting in bed reading the Bible and closed his eyes momentarily.

He heard a voice, which he initially thought belonged to his mother, say, “Give me the Bible.” He refused, since he was reading it. The voice then shouted, “If you don’t give me that Bible I’ll pull the hair from your arm.”

He opened his eyes and saw a flash of something, which he still believed to be his mother, as it exited the room.

Perplexed, he went downstairs to ask his mother why she had acted that way. When he relayed the events, his mother asked him what he was talking about, since she had been downstairs the entire time.

Thomas also said he interacted with the spirit during several astral projections in his youth.

An astral projection is decribed as having one’s spirit leave the body. Thomas likened it to an out-of-body experience.

During one of these times, he said he saw light and heard a voice.

“It wasn’t pure light,” he said. “It was cream colored. The voice said, ‘Come with me, I am the Lord,’ but it didn’t seem right. I freaked out and started praying until it went away.”

In a description of another astral projection, occuring several weeks later, Thomas saw himself flying around the room. He also saw a black cat locked in a cage in the middle of the room.

“It had evil eyes,” he recalled. “It’s like they were saying, ‘if I could get you, I would.’ It was the last (astral projection) I ever had.”

Thomas wasn’t the only witness to these strange encounters.

In 1975, Sherril and her husband lived in the house for one year while looking for their own home in the area.

The first night they arrived, they stayed in her sister’s room, which had a heavy braided rug and hand-carved wooden bed frame. Come morning, her husband was still sleeping heavily from the drive up from California. She got up and joined her mother downstairs.

Later, she returned to the room and found that the bed and rug had been moved several feet across the room. Her husband was still fast asleep.

Neither Thomas nor Sherril is certain how this happened.

“It wasn’t an earthquake because nothing else moved,” Thomas said, estimating that the bed frame weighed around 200 pounds.

In another incident, Sherril had a friend staying over who felt someone shake her awake, when none of the people in the house had done so.

The surrounding community wasn’t particularly surprised about these strange occurrences.

“Most people already knew,” Thomas recalled. “People would tell us that we bought the haunted house.”

One time, Thomas’ father told visiting Jehovah’s Witnesses about what was going on. After consulting with their minister, they told him a demon possessed the house.

Thomas’ family had purchased the house with the intention of flipping it, and they eventually sold it. Since then, it’s had several owners.

Thomas said he wouldn’t be surprised if the house was still haunted.

“I still have dreams that I live there,” he said. “It was such a neat house.”

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