The artist's showing with Clackamas County Arts Alliance's Artist Exhibit Program opens March 9 in Oregon City

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: CAROL PULVERMACHER - Carol Pulvermacher's 'Adventure West' features multiple animals. Animals are a big inspiration for Pulvermacher because of their stories and substance. If you look in their eyes, they look back, she said.Among the artists selected for the Clackamas County Arts Alliance's Artist Exhibit Program is Spiral Gallery member Carol Pulvermacher.

"It was very cool to be selected," said Pulvermacher, who mainly works with wood burning and expressive painting. "I've applied before, but this was the first time I've gotten in."

The showing opens today, March 9, and will go through June 7, in the fourth floor lobby of the county's development services building, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City. In addition to Pulvermacher's pieces, the Artists Exhibit Program includes work from other artists throughout Clackamas County.

Most of Pulvermacher's eight pieces in the showcase feature animals, a significant source of inspiration for her.

"I love their stories," she said. "Each one has one that we don't know about. If you look in their eyes, they look back. Trees are amazing, but they don't look back at you. Animals have substance."

Pulvermacher has been inspired by animals since the earlier years of her career, when she created pet portraits in the 1990s. She's been interested in wood burning for many years, and she recently began working with expressive painting, which she enjoys because of its dynamic nature. Many of her pieces in the showing combine these two mediums.

Pulvermacher described her work as a "labor of love."

"It's a pleasure to go to work in my studio every day," she said. "I'm free to work, and to express myself. Not a lot of people can say that."

She's excited about the opening of the show.

"I've been telling everyone I know that if they're in the neighborhood, they have to stop by and see it," she said. "I'll be happy when it's up on walls."

Pulvermacher encouraged those who view her work in the Artist Exhibit Program to "stand back and just look at it."

"For me, there's a flow to each piece, and if you stand there long enough you might feel that also. Give it time, take it in and imagine."

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