Owner of Scottish Highland bull Lincoln says he is a 'little Houdini'

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: MISTY WINSOR - Lincoln, a 15-year-old highland bull who lives with the Winsor family in Estacada, took a moment off from his exploring ways to pose for the camera. Last week, Lincoln decided to leave his family's yard and take a stroll.

At first, this might not sound like anything out of the ordinary, but Lincoln is a 15-year-old Scottish Highland bull.

Lincoln has lived with Misty Winsor and her family at their Estacada property for more than three years, and he likes to go exploring.

"He cuts right through the fencing," Winsor said. "He's a little Houdini. In spite of our continued great efforts to keep him in, he continues to find ways to get out."

Winsor has never seen his escape act before, so she's not sure how he manages to get past the fence. She noted that she and her husband had recently added hot fire tape to the fence in hopes that it would do the trick and keep him home.

But no one seems to mind when Lincoln comes to visit, potentially because he's such a good-natured fellow.

"He has the sweetest, most laid back personality," Winsor said. "He's the epitome of a gentle giant."

She added that Lincoln is "like an overgrown Ewok."

"He's not very tall, but he's really wide and furry," she said.

Lincoln gets along well with just about anyone he meets, including the Winsors' young daughter and the other animals on their pasture.

"He's not what you'd think of (when you imagine a bull)," Winsor said. "He's very docile."

He seems to enjoy being petted, brushed and fed.

"He loves attention," Winsor said. "He's just a cool dude."

She added that they're considering finding Lincoln a girlfriend in hopes of inspiring him to settle down.

"She must be cute, friendly, enjoy long strolls around the property and hopefully able to keep her man at home," she said.

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