Logging community home to timber competitions, several activities and huge fireworks show on Fourth of July.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Timber competitions last for hours as loggers compete for prizes. Not many people can say they celebrated the Fourth of July holiday watching loggers compete in chainsaw competitions. That is, unless people attended the annual Timber Festival in Estacada.

For Jason Souza and his family, of West Lynn, they have never been to this event before, but are already planning on returning next year.

"I like seeing the big chainsaws because you don't normally get to see them that much," said Souza's son, James, 8.

The small logging community of Estacada draws anywhere from 3,000 to 12,000 people to the Timber Festival each year. Along with several timber competitions that take place throughout the day, there is a kid section with inflatables, live music, 55 vendors — both food and art booths — as well as a giant fireworks show to wrap up the evening.

For Steve Stone, showcasing the loggers is the best part of the event.

"A lot of people don't know much about logging or what loggers really do, they just think they cut down trees," said Stone, president of Estacada Area Community Events, the force behind the Timber Festival. "Here, they see some of the jobs (loggers) have to do in every day life."

Stone also said attendance has topped last years, and he hopes it will be just as successful — if not more — next year.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Loggers compete in log rolling competition at Timber Festival.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Logger saws with partner through thick log during timber competition.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Cecile Thompson runs Eagle Creek jewelry booth and this is her second year at the festival.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Eminem the llama walks around Timber Park with another llama, Justin.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Dawn Rogers (left) and Ruth Rogers (right) have been coming to the Timber Festival for several years to see timber competitions and fireworks.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Michael Holst, 22, fundraises for the student government at Timber Lake Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center.

ESTACADA NEWS: CLARA HOWELL - Arlen and his son, Silas, 5, enjoy their first time watching the timber compeitions.

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