2004: Principals play musical chairs


Streaking was the latest fad among college-age youths.

“The last time streaking was a fad, it meant using peroxide to bleach a forelock of hair.

“Now it means shucking one’s clothes and madly dashing through crowds of spectators making, in general, the rear end of a horse, of oneself,” the paper helpfully explained.

The paper went on to describe several shocking streaking incidents at various American colleges such as this one: “At the University of Southern California, a naked youth ran through a lunchtime crowd and was ignored.”

Poor guy.

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - Volunteer fireman Ralph Branson shouted instructions in 1984 as crews worked to extinguish a storage shed fire.


Duane Robinson was named interim city manager following Clayton Schmitt’s announcement that he would soon leave the position to become the city manager of Florence.

Robinson had been Chamber president, but resigned to take the job. He remained on the Chamber’s board of directors.


A 3-year-old Estacada boy drowned while rafting with his father and two other men near Harriet Lake.

The child fell into the Oak Grove fork when the raft he was riding on was swept under a log.

The paper’s thought of the week came from Clare Boothe Luce: “Censorship, like charity, should begin at home; but unlike charity, it should end there.”


The Estacada principals played musical chairs with the schools after Junior High Principal Bob Espenel announced his resignation and Eagle Creek Elementary Principal Jan Jaqua announced her retirement.

Following this news, Clackamas River Elementary Principal Kevin Olds was set to become the new junior high principal in the coming year.

High School Principal Gary Lewis would move to Eagle Creek Elementary and first-year Principal Tina Rhue would remain at River Mill Elementary.

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