1994: Artback Artists paint first mural in downtown Estacada


The Oregon School of Massage was planning to open an office on Southeast Fourth near Main Street.


With President Richard Nixon’s resignation, his vice president, Gerald Ford, took up the highest office in the nation.

Even though Ford was appointed president rather than voted in, the paper’s forum section announced that Ford was probably the most liked president on both sides of the aisle in Capitol Hill in decades.

“President Gerald Ford has a unique chance to heal the nation’s wounds, unify the nation and become one of the country’s successful chief executives,” the paper claimed. “That is because he enters the scene when public confidence is at rock-bottom, when there is nowhere to go but up, and when all the nation hopes he will succeed in producing a brighter day in America.”


The Trestle Trail committee was still trying to make the 12.4-mile recreational trail from Estacada to Boring a reality, even though Estacada’s permit had been canceled by the state due to widespread opposition by people who lived along the trail.

Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - Jenny Joyce leads the painting of 'Fishing the Clackamas,' the Artback Artists first mural in downtown Estacada in 1994.


The Artback Artists cooperative painted its first mural in downtown Estacada on the south side of the then Estacada Food Center storage facility.

The artists spent a day prepping, 12 hours painting and then another day touching up the old-fashioned fishing scene on the Clackamas featuring Mount Jefferson.

Jenny Joyce was the lead artist for “Fishing the Clackamas.”


Congressman Earl Blumenauer was planning a visit to Estacada.

His itinerary included reading a children’s book at the library and touring the city’s project sites.


The Estacada Public Library turned 100.

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