by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Wood carver Phil Lingelbach shows off the stages of Wand-a, a piece in his 'Of Good and Evil: A Show of Heavenly Flights and Devilish Delights' at the Spiral Gallery. The forces of good and evil are on a collision course in Phil Lingelbach’s show at the Spiral Gallery.

Lingelbach’s “Of Good and Evil: A Show of Heavenly Flights and Devilish Delights” will be featured in the gallery throughout March.

Ducks, butterflies and gentle birds glide above rabbits and mushrooms while on another wall bats, ravens and Wand-a the witch soar ominously over the Really Grimm Reaper to a confrontation on the central crimson wall.

by:  ISABEL GAUTSCHI - A satyr tempts Artemis with an apple in the culmination of the confrontation of good and evil in the show.The confrontation culminates in the image of a devilish satyr tempting the modest goddess Artemis with an apple.

“Will the satyr get to first base with Artemis? Come to my next show and you might see,” teases the description on the art display.

Lingelbach said he was heavily influenced by Greek mythology as he carved the pieces for this show.

by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Hare-old puts a disturbing twist on the old pulling a rabbit out of a hat trick.In various mythological traditions, Lingelbach explained, the sky has represented something holy.

Gods are at home in their heavenly clouds, angels and cupids are endowed with wings to reach them.

Winged creatures such as birds often had ethereal connotations, Lingelbach said.

Having carved many-a bird in his day, it was natural for Lingelbach to take these carvings to the next level.

by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Lingelbach has a knack for creating natural scenes from wood sculpture.The marshaling forces of good and evil felt like a rich new area of artistic exploration for Lingelbach.

“The ‘Of Good and Evil Show’ is an equal opportunity offender of all beliefs, unbeliefs and nonbeliefs,” explains Lingelbach’s introduction to the show.

On the other side, Lingelbach pulled inspiration from images used in cinema to depict impending darkness.

However, Lingelbach is quick to sprinkle in humor before anything gets too disturbing.

When his son’s girlfriend said that the Grimm Reaper he was working on was “creepy,” Lingelbach decided to lighten the mood by writing a description that paints the Angel of Death as a poor guy having a really rough day at the office. Enforcing the seven deadly sins is exhausting.

“Needless to say in today’s world most humans have gone through many of the list of seven (deadly sins) before breakfast and some now contemplate genocide, torture, nuclear holocausts and smoking in graveyards,” the nearby description notes. “Just keeping the scythe sharp and determining which of the seven billion sinners has done what sin has got to be the description of another really bad day at the office.”

Lingelbach has a long history with art.

by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Lingelbach describes in detail the special purpose for each of these small, sharb carving knives. Lingelbach said walnut is probably his favorite wood to work with, but he also enjoys cherry and maple. Lingelbach does his own milling.Lingelbach supported himself through college by working as a commercial photographer in Oregon and California.

After college he was drafted into the U.S. Army and served in Vietnam.

Upon his return, he worked in the social services field for nearly 30 years.

Since his retirement, Lingelbach has re-focused on art.

He joined a circle of woodcarvers and studied with master carver Mel Farrington.

Lingelbach grew up in Estacada but moved away at age 18. He returned to the area 17 years later and has lived here ever since.

Lingelbach also is the chairman of the Estacada Development Association.

Lingelbach’s “Of Good and Evil Show” will be on display at the Spiral Gallery throughout March.

For more information on Lingelbach’s art, visit and click on the “Meet the Artists” link.

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