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Iowa native enjoys spending time with family, working with seniors and spending time in nature

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: KATE RAYMER - Kate Raymer smiles as she holds an award she won during the Estacada Chamber of Commerces Community Recognition event for her work with local seniors.Kate Raymer grew up in Iowa but has since adopted Estacada as her home. Raymer is passionate about her job at Grace Place Senior Living.

"I love my seniors," she said. "They're great people."

In her free time, Raymer enjoys hunting mushrooms and collecting rocks, and her favorite places in Estacada are the Mossy Rock and the Mason Jar.

Estacada News: How long have you lived in Estacada?

Kate Raymer: Since 2012. It's almost five years now, to the day. We literally picked it off a map. We liked the Portland area but wanted a smaller town. We love the quality of life in Oregon, and being near the ocean and mountains.

EN: How long have you worked at Grace Place?

Raymer: Two years. Before that, I did hospice volunteering, and I fell in love with the seniors. We connected really well. It's a population that isn't always interacted with, and I like making them feel special.

EN: Where did you work before you were involved with hospice volunteering?

Raymer: I was a pharmaceutical representative, and I worked in advertising.

EN: Did you ever imagine you would be working with seniors when first starting out in your career?

Raymer: No, but I had done some volunteering with them when I was younger.

EN: What's your family like?

Raymer: We're very, very, very close. My husband is the vice president of technology at Wells Fargo, and he's able to work from home a lot. Our son, Britton, is 20, our daughter, Taylor, is 15 and our son, Chase, is 12. We spend a lot of time together. We like to work and play together.

EN: How would you describe yourself to someone who had never met you?

Raymer: Compassionate, understanding and sparkly. Yuanita (who used to work at the Chamber of Commerce) calls me Sparkles, and that's my nickname at work, too.

EN: What's something about you that might surprise people?

Raymer: The knowledge I have about food and health. Three of my family members are allergic to corn products. I lobby and try to spread knowledge.

EN: What's your favorite thing about living here?

Raymer: I love the beauty of Estacada. I can be on my motorcycle just outside of town and see things I would have to drive for hours in the Midwest to get to.

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