Eagle Creek resident helps organize the Estacada Farmers Market, enjoys community

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Eagle Creek resident Skip Heberden has been involved with the Estacada Farmers Market for many years.

Skip Heberden is a longtime vendor at the Estacada Farmers Market, selling produce from the Eagle Creek farm he runs with his wife, Melodee. Before moving to Eagle Creek, the Heberdens lived in Milwaukie but sought out a small town for their new residence because the city was getting "busy, traffic wise."

Prior to retiring, Heberden spent many years working in sales for greeting card companies.

ESTACADA NEWS: What's your favorite thing about the Estacada area?

SKIP HEBERDEN: I love walking down the street and seeing people I've met before.

EN: What do you enjoy most about the farmers market?

HEBERDEN: I like standing there and watching people as they come in. Some people follow your booth and know what you have. It's nice when someone says, "Oh, I liked your tomatoes." It's a nice compliment.

EN: How did you become interested in farming?

HEBERDEN: We had a little garden when we were living in Milwaukie. We liked it, and now we have a garden, a greenhouse and a farm.

EN: What's the best part of farming?

HEBERDEN: Just watching the plants grow. I hate weeding. Weeds grow the easiest, and they're the hardest to get rid of.

EN: How did you and Melodee meet?

HEBERDEN: We met when we were living in Northern California. We both had horses that were boarded at the same place. I moved to Oregon and Melodee visited and liked it. She came up for Thanksgiving and stayed. We will have been married for 30 years this December.

EN: What brought you to Oregon?

HEBERDEN: I was working for a greeting card company and got transferred to Oregon to handle major accounts like Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart and Hi-School Pharmacy. I was born in Michigan and raised in Indiana.

EN: What's something that people might be surprised to know about you?

HEBERDEN: I'm about as open as you can get. I'm not afraid to meet new people, and I'll talk to anybody.

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