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Pet ownership also requires some effort when it comes to your HVAC system and its maintenance. Here are some important must-knows for pet owners regarding HVAC main­tenance.

Tip #1: Keep track of exposed wires.

Your cat or dog – especially kittens and puppies – might think exposed wires from your HVAC system are toys and play with it or start chewing. To keep them both safe, en­close the wires in conduits.

Tip #2: Keep your air filter clean.

Pet hair can get inside the air filters and clog it, which could decrease the efficiency of your system. This means you'll see an increase in utility bills and over time, it could shorten the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. Clean your air filters, every one or two months.

Tip #3: Keep the outside condenser units safe.

Don't let Fido dig and claw at your outside units or they could wreak havoc on the con­denser coils. This could dam­age the machine, but it could also hurt your pet and their sensitive feet. In addition, if your dog urinates on the ma­chine's coils, this could cause them to erode over time. Put a small barrier around it to help limit your pet's access to it.

If it's time to get your heat­ing and cooling system tuned up, repaired, or replaced, con­tact our professional and expe­rienced team! We're ready to help you get the answers you need in the price range you can afford.

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